Pond Maintenance


Enjoy a Clean and Healthy Pond!

Your water feature deserves the best maintenance and care, so why not hire the best in the industry? Sign up to schedule a pond maintenance, cleaning, or repair consultation with a trained and knowledgeable Certified Aquascape Contractor.  

Waterfall and Pond Maintenance
A knowledgeable pond contractor can create the proper maintenance schedule for your pond, waterfall, or fountain. Most Certified Aquascape Contractors offer convenient maintenance packages so that you can keep your water feature looking its best all year round!

Waterfall and Pond Cleaning
On occasion, your waterfall or pond might need a deep cleaning that goes beyond general maintenance. A Certified Aquascape Contractor can assess the status of your water feature and let you know if a full clean is in order.

Waterfall and Pond Repair
If a pond or waterfall is poorly installed, you might experience a host of problems that keep you from truly enjoying your water feature. Services range from finding and fixing a leak, to rebuilding a problematic water feature. Connect with a Certified Aquascape Contractor today to schedule an appointment to repair your pond or waterfall so it functions the way Mother Nature intended!

Refer to the Owners Manuals for seasonal tips for maintaining your pond. 

Recommended Pond Maintenance Contractors


Pond Works

Based in: Brisbane
Directed by: Mark Jones

Ph: 0474 775 102
Web: www.pondworks.com.au
E-mail: office@pondworks.com.au

Taylor'd Waterscapes

Based in: Sunshine Coast
Directed by: Dan Taylor

Ph: 0431 298 180
Web:  https://www.facebook.com/taylordwaterscapes/
E-mail: taylordwaterscapes@gmail.com

Aquascapes FNQ

Based in: Cairns
Directed by: Bec Crimmins

Ph: 0448 833 301
Web: www.aquascapesfnq.com
E-mail: bevspeed@outlook.com



Anything Wet

Based in: Bay Village, NSW.
Directed by: Russell
Performs work in: Central Coast, Sydney, Newcastle and surrounding areas

Ph: 0415 165 897 (8am-5pm, Monday to Friday)
Web: www.anythingwet.com.au
E-mail: info@anythingwet.com.au

The Fish Works

Based in: Terrey Hills
Ph: 02 9986 2000
Web: www.thefishworks.com.au

The Pond Doctor

Based in: Sydney
Directed by: Josh Griggs

Ph: 0448 474 445
E-mail: joshua.griggs@bigpond.com

Flo Gardens

Based in: Byron Bay Area
Directed by: Adam Grabowski

Ph: 0421 500 096 
Web: www.flogardens.com.au 
E-mail: sales@flogardens.com.au



Canberra Waterscapes

Based in: Canberra 
Directed by: John Helgesen 

Ph: 0409 627 359
Web: www.tlcfencing.com.au
E-mail: john.helgesen@bigpond.com

The Gordon Gnohm

Based in: Canberra 
Directed by: Gordon Gnohm

Ph: 0415 533 613
Web: www.thegordongnohm.com.au
E-mail: gordongnohm@gmail.com



Fab Gardens

Based in: Melbourne
Directed by: Fabrizio Grasso

Ph: 0422 176 485 
E-mail: fabriziograsso.rm@gmail.com

Bells Watergardens

Based in: Newlyn North, Victoria (Ballarat area)
Directed by: Richard & Sally Bell
Performs work in: Ballarat area

Ph: 0418 567 195 or 03 5345 7050
Web: www.bellswatergardens.com.au
E-mail: bellswatergarden@iprimus.com.au

Grow Master Landscaping

Based in: Bairnsdale - Servicing Gippsland region
Directed by: Tim Hack

Ph: 0412 516 764 
Web: www.growmasterlandscaping.com.au
E-mail: timh@growmasterlandscaping.com.au

DBH Landscaping 

Based in: Mildura 
Directed by: Scott Taurean

Ph: 0439 956 525 
Web: https://www.facebook.com/pg/DBH-Landscaping-Premium-Design-and-Construction-228036601257165/posts/
E-mail: scott.taurean1@gmail.com





SA Waterscapes

Based in: Adelaide
Directed by: Corrie Mullin

Ph: 0481 245 632
Web: www.sawaterscapes.com
E-mail: corriemullin@hotmail.com



Tassie Pondscapes & Water Features

Based in: Launceston area - Works across Tasmania
Directed by: Mel Handley

Ph: 0408 082 860 
E-mail: mhandley72@yahoo.com

All Around Kerbs & Landscaping

Based in: Devonport - Works across Tasmania
Directed by: Graeme Murfet

Ph: 0409 028 460 
Web: www.allaroundkerbsandlandscaping.com.au  
Email: info@allaroundkerbsandlandscaping.com.au



Troppo Gardens

Based in: Darwin
Directed by: Emma Lasker

Ph: 0439 085 901
Web: www.troppogardens.com.au
E-mail: emma@troppogardens.com.au