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Those after a water feature that doesn’t require too much space may be interested in a Pondless Waterfall. These features are a great way to bring running water to smaller outdoor areas.

Pond Skimmers

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Varieties of Pond Filters

There are many different pond filters you can choose between to keep your pond clean. From skimmers to Biofalls filters, to Pondless waterfall vaults, the type you decide to go with will depend on the size and needs of your pond. Below are a few examples of pond filters stocked by Aquascape Australia.


Pond Skimmers

Skimmers are one of the most popular types of pond filters. They remove unwanted debris from the surface of a pond, reducing maintenance and helping your pond have crystal clear water. They also provide a protected location for the pump. All of our pond skimmers are made from UV protected, high-density polyethylene construction, ensuring longevity. 

Bioballs Filters

Our Aquascape Signature Series BioFalls Pond Filters provide both biological and mechanical filtration. The rotationally-moulded, rounded polyethylene shape is designed to maximise structural strength and easily camouflage into your landscape. Each of our Biofalls filters come with a limited lifetime warranty. 

Pondless Waterfall Vault

These filters are perfectly-sized for use in Pondless waterfalls and rainwater harvesting projects. They're easy to install and maintain, and fit a wide range of pump sizes. Their expand-ability makes them ideal for use in larger or deeper applications.

Waterfall Spillway

The Waterfall Spillway is a great pond filter that also doubles as a simple waterfall. These filters can be combined to create complex waterfall configurations. Disguise them by placing rocks, logs, or soil directly on top of the unit. 

Wetland Filter

An effective solution for removing excess nutrients and uneaten food from a pond, our Wetland Filter is designed to reduce algae blooms and create a healthy pond. 


Pond Waterfall Filter

The Pond Waterfall Filter is built for smaller ponds and container water gardens. It can be easily incorporated into existing ponds or added to new designs.

UltraKlean Pressure Filters

Our UltraKlean Biological Pressure Filters are guaranteed to clear pond water, using a high-output ultraviolet clarifier/steriliser and integrated electronic bulb-saver option. With a sponge-free design, these filters have minimal maintenance and incredibly efficient mechanical and biological filtration. Get crystal clear water with ease using an Aquascape UltraKlean Biological Pressure Filter.

Pond Filter Urn

Providing both mechanical and biological filtration, Aquascape Pond Filter Urns are fantastic for use in smaller ponds. They can be added to new builds or to existing ponds for supplemental filtration. These filters are also decorative, adding the sight and sound of running water to your pond. 

Submersible Pond Filter

This unobtrusive pond filter is great for adding to a submersible water pump. Combining mechanical and biological filtration, it's a low-profile filter that can be used in ponds up to 3000 litres in size.

The science behind pond filtration

Pond filtration can be broken down into two forms: mechanical and biological. Filtration is designed to keep your pond clean and clear, removing debris, excess fish food, and other unwanted items

How to choose the right pond filter for your pond

Choosing the right pond filter for your pond will depend on a number of different factors, including the size of your water feature, your maintenance requirements, and your budget. 


Ideally, you'll want to build your filter into the pond when you first create it. However, you can add pond filters to your water feature at a later date, if needed.


Browse through our extensive array of pond filters to find one that suits your needs.


If you need extra help with choosing the right filter for keep your pond clean, get in touch with the experts at Aquascape Australia. 

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