Pond Builders Bible

Changing the way the world builds ponds. That’s our goal and why we published a book chronicling everything we’ve learned about constructing ponds.

The Pond Builder’s Bible is your go-to book for all things pond building! You’ll learn how to design and construct low-maintenance, naturally-balanced ponds using our highly acclaimed 20-step, 20-product system. Includes tips and tricks from the pros who have been installing ponds for decades!

The Pond Guy Welcome's You

How to use the Pond Builders Bible

Chapter 1
The Historical and Philosophical Roots of Pond Building

Chapter 2
Understanding Pond Ecology

Chapter 3
The ABC's of Aquatic Plants

Chapter 4
Understanding the Hobby of Keeping Fish

Chapter 5
Filtering Through Pond Filtration

Chapter 6
Liner and Underlayment: The Foundation of the Pond

Chapter 7
Pumps and Electrical

Chapter 8
Pond Building and Plumbing

Chapter 9
Designing Water Features

Chapter 11
Rocks and Gravel

Chapter 12
Creating Naturally Beautiful Waterfalls and Streams

Chapter 13
Creative Edge Treatment

Chapter 14
The Pondless® Waterfall

Chapter 15
Small Ponds, Big Profits

Chapter 16
Taking on Large Scale Projects

Chapter 17
The Critical Role of Constructed Wetlands

Chapter 18
Maintenance and Troubleshooting

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