Ultraklean Pressure Filters

Guaranteed to clear pond water. The Aquascape UltraKlean™ Biological Pressure Filter with a high output ultraviolet clarifier/sterilizer and an integrated electronic bulb-saver option, provides pond owners with optimum water conditions and crystal clear pond water.

The unique sponge-free design minimizes maintenance and maximizes efficient mechanical and biological filtration. Simple-to-use cleaning feature allows for the unit to be backwashed in less than five minutes without opening the canister or getting hands dirty.

Understanding Pond Filtration

Features of the UltraKlean™ Pond Filters

UltraKlean Features
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LED Indicator Light

UV clarifier/sterilizer on/off LED indicator light


Cleaning Indicator Light

Cleaning indicator light signals when it's time to backwash


Electronic Ballast

Electronic ballast ensures optimum wattage and bulb output


UV Bulb-Saver Timer

UV bulb-saver timer feature maximizes bulb life and provides ideal time to add bacteria (6 hour, 12 hour, or 24 hour timer options)


Backwash Valve

Backwash valve and discharge shutoff valve make it easy to quickly clean the filter


Water Inlet Diffuser

Water inlet diffuser evenly distributes debris, maximizing mechanical filtration


UV Clarifier/Stabilizer

UV clarifier/stabilizer eliminates single-celled algae commonly known as green water



BioBalls provide efficient biological/mechanical filtration


Backwash Swirl Diffuser

Backwash swirl diffuser efficiently churns the water to clean the filter media



Fitting include: (6) 1", 1.25", 1.5" multi-hose adapters, backwash cap, (8) washers, backflush valve, and threaded adapter

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