External Pond Pumps

Our external FlowFriend Pond Pumps are ideal for providing recirculating water in recreational ponds that require an external style of pump. The high flow rates and energy efficiency of the FlowFriend pumps make them perfect for supplying water to waterfalls, wetland filters and water jets. 

FlowFriend Pumps 

  • extremely energy efficient
  • standard flow/rpm controls 
  • high flows at low energy consumption 
  • extremely quiet
  • a highly efficient new generation of permanent magnet motor 
  • different optimised cast 316 stainless steel pump housings
  • optimal adjustment for versatile application
  • a premium efficiency motor
  • Made in The Netherlands 

The motor speed can be adjusted as standard with every type of FlowFriend. The major benefit of permanent magnet motors compared to frequency controlled asynchronous motors is the remarkably high efficiency at low rpm. However, even at higher rpm, these pumps are significantly more efficient.

Ingenious pump housings
A pump’s hydraulics consist of the pump’s rotor and the pump’s housing. The FlowFriend’s hydraulics are entirely made of cast 316 stainless steel. Robust, smooth and a perfect shape to keep internal losses to a minimum.

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