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Aquascape pond light transformers make lighting your pond, garden, or water feature easy with low voltage, quick-connect, and photocell with timer options. Click an image below to learn more about Aquascape LED pond and garden light transformers, or view all of our pond lights here.

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10-Watt Transformer 35-Watt Transformer 60-Watt Transformer 150-Watt Transformer
with Photocell
300-Watt Transformer
with Photocell
Model Number(s) 10010 10012 10013 98579 98577
Quick-Connect 1 1 1 3 3
Type of Quick-Connect 2-Prong 2-Prong 2-Prong 2-Prong 2-Prong
Photocell included - - -
Transformer Dimensions 7cmL x 6cmW x 4cmH 9cmL x 6cmW x 7cmH 9cmL x 6cmW x 7cmH 10cmL x 18cmW x 9cmH 26cmL x 12cmW x 14cmH
Packaged Weight 0.5kg 0.8kg 1.6kg 3.6kg 4kg
Packaged Dimensions 15cmL x 9cmW x 6cmH 16cmL x 12cmW  x 7cmH 16cmL x 12cmW x 7cmH 12cmL x 20cmW x 12cmH 33cmL x 20cmW x 21cmH
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