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With a large selection of pond liners available, it’s important to choose the right foundation for your pond. A Elevate EPDM pond liner is the most recommended liner for commercial and residential ponds, guaranteed to last without deteriorating over time. Inferior PVC and plastic pond liners do not offer the same reliability and will often force you to pull your pond apart and start all over again after they deteriorate in the years to come.

Elevate EPDM pond liner is a fish-safe pond liner that leads the industry in quality, durability and versatility. Backed by an industry-leading 20-year guarantee, Elevate EPDM Pondgard and Geogard pond liners are the choice of discerning pond professionals. With superior elongation and lay-flat characteristics, it installs easily with no special tools required. Elevate EPDM pond liner also has exceptional resistance to solar UV, ozone and oxidation.

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Why You Should Choose a Elevate EPDM Pond Liner

Elevate is one of the oldest and most trusted pond liner manufacturers in the world. They have more than 100 years’ experience producing rubber polymers for small and large-scale projects.

Did you know? The first use of a Elevate EPDM pond liner was in 1973 for an irrigation lagoon in Spain and it still hasn’t needed replacing.

Elevate pond liners have earned the trust of many professional and hobby landscapers, thanks to exceptional quality, versatility, longevity and service. A Elevate pond liner provides a simple, durable and strong solution for various lining applications, including:

  • General garden ponds
  • Koi/fish ponds
  • Artificial lakes
  • Reflection ponds
  • Natural swimming pools
  • Commercial and residential decorative ponds
  • Golf course water features
  • Streams, waterfalls and fountains

Elevate Pond Liner Key Features & Benefits

Elevate is considered the best fish pond liners and general pond liners in the world for a number of reasons.

1. Exceptional longevity

  • Elevate pond liner is a high-quality EPDM synthetic rubber waterproof membrane designed to last.
  • Offers excellent resistance to UV exposure, high temperatures, oxidation and frost.
  • Retains its mechanical properties for countless years, even when exposed to the weather.
  • Will not crack or split.
  • 20-year guarantee, but has been known to last longer than 40 years.

2. Flexibility & elasticity

  • Elevate pond liners can be cut to size and joined to suit any size pond, lake or natural swimming pool.
  • Adapts to all creative designs, regardless of the complexity.
  • High elasticity accentuates its durability and range of uses.
  • Elasticity is >300% and flexibility remains consistent even at -45°C.
  • Will conform to shelves for planting, waterfalls and vertical structures.
Flexibility & elasticity

3. Robustness

  • Pond liner is a robust membrane that can adapt to the changing conditions associated with water storage.
  • Thickness of 1.02mm and 1.14mm.
  • High puncture resistance.
  • Considered the best pond liner for durability and longevity.

4. Easy to install pond liner

  • Extremely simple and quick pond liner to instal and allows for the perfect finish.
  • Can be cut to size or joined to fit your specific measurements.
  • Lightweight rolls are sent directly from the online store to your house.
  • Pond liners can be joined together using QuickSeam Tape or QuickSeam FormFlash if special detailing is required for more complicated designs.
  • Easy to repair and install with quality Elevate pond liner accessories.
  • No machine required for installation.
  • Elevate pond liners can be reassembled even after many years of use in case of any adjustments or repairs of the pond.

5. Environmentally friendly pond liner

  • Certified safe for humans, fish and animals.
  • Produced to high environmental standards.
  • Does not release chemicals into the environment.
  • One of the best fish pond liners and aquaculture pond liners in the world.
Environmentally friendly pond liner

6. Low maintenance

  • Requires very little ongoing maintenance.
  • Formulated to not suffer from microbial attacks or algae growth.
Low maintenance

7. Professional & effective underlayment

  • Underlayment installed before Elevate pond liner and prevents punctures from rough and rocky ground.
  • Allows the ground to breathe and the earth’s gases to escape instead of becoming trapped.
  • Stops gas bubbles from pushing the pond liner up into the pond.
  • Also used as a protective layer over the pond liner when installing large decorative rocks.

Aquascape Supplies: The Official Supplier of Elevate EPDM Pond Liners

Aquascape Supplies is Elevate’s authorised supplier of PondGard and GeoGard pond liners in Australia. Contact the experts in pond liners and pond installations for valuable advice and information.

Elevate’s 20-year guarantee on pond liners is only available by buying a pond liner from a Elevate authorised supplier and their retailers. We are a proud supplier of Elevate dam and pond liners in Australia.

Where to buy pond liners near me.

How to buy pond liner online.

Aquascape Supplies: The Official Supplier of Elevate EPDM Pond Liners

3 Ways to Use Your Elevate EPDM Pond Liner

A pond liner is the foundation of any pond or water feature. You need to invest in the best pond liner material and brand for peace of mind. Don’t settle for cheap alternatives that won’t last. These inferior products will simply tear, puncture and deteriorate over time. They can also release chemicals that are very harmful to fish, humans and plants. Eventually, you’ll be forced to replace your liner and rebuild your water garden. Nobody wants to do that!

Opt for the industry leading brand, Elevate, which produces the best EPDM pond liners renowned for lasting longer than 40 years. They’re also safe for fish and humans, easy to instal and very versatile. Here are just some of the ways you can use your Elevate pond liner.

1. Pondless streams

Pondless streams
Pondless Streams

2. Ecosystem ponds

Ecosystem ponds

3. Recreation ponds and natural swimming pools

Recreation ponds and natural swimming pools
Recreation ponds and natural swimming pools

Aquascape Supplies stocks a range of Elevate EPDM pond liners, including:

We also sell heavy duty pond underlayment for your pond liner, which has a non-slip surface and protects your liner from rocks and other sharp objects.

Browse our heavy duty pond underlayment online.

Finally, you’ll find all the materials for installing and repairing your Elevate EPDM pond liner on our Pond Liner Installation Accessories page. All of our staff have been trained by Elevate and have the expert knowledge and practical experience to offer valuable advice and quality technical support on all pond installations. Contact us on 07 5446 7963 or contact one of our state-specific suppliers here.

If you need any other pond supplies or accessories, including pond liners, pond filtration or aerators, browse our website.

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