Pond Pumps

Aquascape Pond and Waterfall Pump Range


A pump is an important element of your water feature. From pond pumps to waterfall pumps, to pumps that circulate the water through your backyard stream, Aquascape Australia has a wide range of products available for your feature. Check out our range of waterfall, fountain, and pond pumps below.

Pond & Waterfall Pumps

Whether you’re after an EcoWave Pump for your Pondless waterfall, or a larger AquaSurge for a fish pond, we have a variety of pumps to suit your needs. Our waterfall and pond pumps include the Geyser Hi-flow, ASA Low Voltage, AquaForce Solids Handling, EcoWave, and AquaSurge. 

Fountain/Feature Pumps

Your fountain or feature may have a lower flow rate than a larger pond or waterfall, meaning a pump with a lower flow rate could be used. Our fountain and feature pumps include Ultra 240v Fountain Pumps and Ultra Low Voltage Fountain Pumps.

Low Voltage Pumps

Low voltage pumps are ideal for smaller features that require a lower water flow rate. Low voltage pumps can be an affordable option for features they’re suitable for. Check the LPH of our low voltage pumps to see if they could be incorporated into your pond, waterfall, or fountain. 

Pond Powerhead

Our Pond Powerhead is designed to easily be placed in a pond without any plumbing or piping, and can even be disguised so as not to disrupt your feature’s natural look. It’s designed to create additional movement within a pond or water garden, eliminating stagnant areas. 

Fountain Nozzles

Make a statement in your water feature with our Fountain Nozzles. These nozzles allow users to increase the oxygen and water movement within their pond or other feature, letting you easily add a simple fountain feature to your pond.

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