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Aquascape Australia - Fountain/Feature Pumps

When it comes to water features and fountains there are many types of pumps to choose between. Aquascape Australia stocks a wide range of pond pumps for features of different sizes, shapes, and designs. We supply pumps with flow rates between 1500 and 7500 litres per hour (LPH).


Ultra 2000 Water Pump

How to choose the right pump for your pond or water feature

When choosing the right pond pump for your feature, you'll likely want to consider a number of factors including the flow rate you require, and the type of pond needed. Each of our water feature, fountain, and pond pumps come with a 3-year limited warranty.

Those with an existing water feature that requires a replacement pump can generally just choose one with the same flow rate as your current pump. 


Ultra 240v fountain pumps

The Ultra 240v fountain pumps have many benefits:


Mag-drive technology for extreme energy efficiency
Durable pre-filter cage for pump protection and reduced maintenance
Rubber feet and a wide, flat base for stability and decreased vibration
Perfect for use with small ponds, external filters, water features, and decorative fountains

Ultra low voltage fountain pumps

Our Ultra low voltage fountain pumps have several benefits:


Powerful motor
Energy efficient
Suitable for in-line and submersible use
Can be used in both fresh and marine water
Wear-resistant shaft for longevity
Ideal for water garden fountains, aquarium, and waterfall displays
Fully-sealed motor for safety, reliability, and durability

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