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I think we can all recall a time in our childhood when the fascination we had with the discovery of water and the life it supports was like exploring another world. Full of creatures and movement that sparked our imagination. We played for days on end in the local creek or dam, we would take off and be back late for dinner full of stories of our latest discoveries.
Water is the conduit to our senses. A waterfall or creek will draw you in to a primordial place in the same way that gazing into a campfire does.

No matter how dry our environment is, we will always want to live near water. A living pond or waterfall is a perfect way to accomplish this and there are many ways to incorporate water in to your environment. Build them well and they give years of joy.
“Living The Water Feature Lifestyle” - what you experience owning and living with a water feature. It’s how you interact with it but even more importantly; it’s how it interacts with you, right where you live ... at home!

Aquascape Supplies Australia provides an extensive range of products and support to assist you in the construction and maintenance of the perfect pond or water feature, including pond liners for Australian pondspond kits for Australian backyardspondless waterfall kitsled garden lights and more.

At Aquascape Supplies Australia no matter what the application, from the smallest water feature or pond to large recreational systems and commercial projects, we have everything you will need including technical support from start to finish.

Since 2008 we have supplied Australia with the Aquascape Inc (www.aquascapeinc.com) pond and water garden products, equipment and accessories because we believe it to be the best, tried and tested pond equipment in the world -  products and technique designed by pond builders for pond builders makes sense to us.

All products have been tested thoroughly for Australian conditions by our construction teams and we have the back up and field expertise to support you with any sized project.

For the full range of educational and installation videos from Aquascapeinc please go to:
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We are also the Australian Distributer for Firestone EPDM pond and dam liners and offer technical advice and onsite installation support by our Firestone trained technician.

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Firestone Technical Support
Carmelo Lamacchia
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