Decorative Fountains

Aquascape Australia has a wide range of fiberstone decorative water fountains and features, from urns to spheres and slate walls. Fiberstone is a highly durable material that ages like real stone. Their exterior reflects a natural rock veneer, and it doesn’t chip or fade over time. 


Each of our fiberstone water features can either be used in conjunction with an AquaBasin reservoir, built into a pondless water feature, or incorporated into a pond. 


We have a range of urn water features in several sizes, from mini through to large. There is also a selection of finished options, including Scalloped, Rippled, and Stacked Slate. For our fiberstone urn fountains, the water gently trickles from the top and over the sides of the feature. 

Stacked Slate Spheres

Our Stacked Slate Sphere fiberstone water features have a slate finish, and make for an elegant garden addition. These designs are lightweight and easy to carry. Stacked Slate Spheres are designed to pump water through the centre of the design, cascading evenly down the surface. 

Stacked Slate Walls Canberra Waterscapes

Stacked Slate Walls

The Stacked Slate Wall features come in two parts, the Stacked Slate Wall base and the Stacked Slate Wall Toppers. Choose from Straight or Curved Walls with multiple Topper options available to create a variety of different designs. The base and the topper together create a feature with three outlets at the top that expel water. This water then spills over the edge and down the wall. Also available is the 32” Stacked Slate Spillway Landscape Fountain Kit.