The Aquascape AquaBasin is designed as an easy-to-install fountain basin for a variety of decorative water features. This includes features made from resin, natural stone, brass, and glass fibre reinforced concrete. 

This design incorporates innovative features that eliminate guesswork, increase accessibility, and improve water circulation. A high-quality product, AquaBasin is built to last. 

We have AquaBasin’s available in a range of different sizes, to suit a variety of different water features. Features of the Aquascape AquaBasin are as follows:

  • Square shape to maximise water storage capacity

  • High-density, professional-grade polyethylene that’s backed by a lifetime warranty

  • A flat deck design, making positioning of your fountain easy

  • A corner pump access panel for simplified pump access. This section can fit large pumps and sits above the deck, stopping gravel from falling into the basin when you take off the lid

  • Structural deck cylinders reinforce the strength of the basin, while also providing countless plumbing and lighting configurations

Looking for a water feature to go with your AquaBasin? View our full range of outdoor water features online.

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