Pond Liner Underlay

Underlay is an important product for pond building. Positioned underneath your pond liner, underlayment helps protect your liner from punctures and damage from the rough ground below. The pond underlay that we stock in our online store is the same used by our Certified Aquascape Contractors. 

Underlay Available at Aquascape

We stock both standard 170gsm underlay and a thicker 270gsm variety.

170sgm Underlay - Ideal for standard pond installation where basic protection is required.

270sgm Underlay - Ideal for specific jobs where the pond liner must be protected from rougher and sharper surfaces.

Both underlay varieties are available in 2-metre and 4-metre width options. They can be bought by the metre or by the roll. 

Why Choose Underlay from Aquascape?

Our underlayment is made from the highest quality polypropylene fibres. This fabric helps let the earth’s gases escape from beneath the pond liner, stopping gas bubbles from pushing the liner up into the pond. Not only can underlayment be used as a protective layer beneath your pond liner, but it can also be placed between your liner and any large feature rocks, boulders or statues. 

Underlay can be cut to your required square metre dimensions, so you can select the specific amount you need for your pond project. 

Aquascape: The #1 Supplier of Elevate Pond Liners

Need a pond liner to complete the next step of your pond project? Aquascape stock Elevate Pondgard and Geogard liners in a variety of different sizes. Choose from full rolls, half-rolls, or cut to size pond liners. 

Did you know? Elevate pond liners purchased from authorised Elevate suppliers or retailers come with a 20-year warranty.

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