LED Pond & Landscape Lights

No matter what type of water feature you have, you can enhance its beauty well into the evening hours with the addition of Aquascape’s LED lighting.


Warm White Pond and Landscape Lighting

Customise your pond and garden nighttime experience with adjustable spotlights or waterfall lights. Illuminate your fountain with our beautiful LED Fountain Accent Light. You’ll enjoy the natural warm color produced in the evening for hours of enjoyment after the sun goes down.

Colour-Changing LED Lights

Aquascape LED Color-Changing lights provide high-output colors that can even be seen in dusk/early evening hours

Recreation Pond with Color Changing Lights
Mission Beach Negative Edge

LED Path and Area Landscape LED Lights

These energy-efficient LED lights provide beauty, safety, charm, and visibility in any residential or commercial space, enhancing driveways, garden paths, plant beds, and areas surrounding waterfalls, ponds, and fountains.

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