Pond Liner Underlay

Don't Skimp on your investment!

This is by far the best way to protect your pond liner from sharp objects that may risk puncturing your liner. There is nothing worse than finding a leak because you didn't protect your liner. Our underlayment is the same as used by Certified Aquascape Contractors here in Australia. 

Made from the highest quality polypropylene fibres; needle-punched to form a dimensionally stable fiber network. This geotextile layer protects the liner on your project from sharps both below and above as it can be placed as a pad, recommended beneath heaver rock, boulder or statues. While offering durable protection, this non-woven product also serves to wick unwanted moisture or gas build up from beneath the liner. This product can be cut to your desired square meter dimentions and will make the tasks of preparing an excavation or placing rock and boulder a thing of ease.