Elevate Bonding Adhesive 18.9 L


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Elevate Bonding Adhesive is a neoprene/polychloroprene based contact adhesive designed for bonding Elevate EPDM Geomembrane to wood, metal, masonry, concrete & other acceptable non-rubber clean, hard , smooth & dry substrates. Application: Apply an even, smooth coat to both surfaces with a solvent-resistant paint roller, avoiding puddles. After the the surfaces have become tacky (15-45 mins), mate the surfaces carefully together Coverage: Approximately 1.5m2(both sides) per litre. Characteristics: Excellent resistance to ageing Excellent adhesive strength to different applications Good resistance to heat, cold & water Hint. To carry out the lining of a flat sided, geometrically shaped tank, pit, sump or water feature trough, it is preferable to fold the EPDM liner at the vertical corners & tuck back the flap neatly in behind the liner, rather than cutting & seaming. Try this exercise with a sheet of newspaper into a cardboard box. It gives very neat smooth result. EPDM liner will not suffer from fatigue cracks over time as would be the case with most rigid liners. If folding the surplus liner onto the top edge, the cut at the top corner should be QuickSeam FormFlashed with a small patch prior to the coping edge material being placed. On large projects the vertical sides should be adhered to the substrate with Bonding Adhesive & the vertical corner folds should be fastened back in place with QuickSeam Splice Tape, prepared accordingly with QuickPrime Plus. In large vessels it would only be manageable to cut and overlap in the vertical corners as detailed in the video, using the seam tape and FormFlash method.