The Best Affordable Water Features in Brisbane

11th Mar 2021

The Best Affordable Water Features in Brisbane

Aquascape stocks a wide range of affordable water features. We ship Australia-wide, so if you’re after water features in Brisbane, we’ve got you covered! Our products can also be found in a range of stores across Queensland, including Aqua Gardening, iLandscape, and Nielsen’s Native Nursery. If you’re looking for water features for sale in Brisbane, start with Aquascape! Check out our list of 7 affordable water features below.

1.Fiberstone Decorative Fountains

Fiberstone decorative fountains are incredibly durable, and do not fade or chip. These features age like real stone, and can be used either indoors or outdoors to create a stunning accent piece. We have fiberstone urns in a range of different sizes and finishes, plus spheres, spillway walls, and stacked walls. Combine these fountains with an AquaBasin reservoir, and either add it to a pond or have it as a standalone feature. We have fiberstone designs for every space and size

2.Spillway Bowl & Basin

After a water feature that can bring a subtle ambience to your garden? Have a look at the spillway bowl & basin design. This design features a bowl with a lip that spills water out to be caught by the basin below. You can either choose to stick to just two levels, or create an elaborate cascading feature piece. We also stock a Spillway Bowl & Basin Landscape Fountain Kit, providing everything you need for creating your Spillway Bowl & Basin feature.

3. Natural Stone Decorative Fountains

Our natural stone fountains are handcrafted and provide a unique feature piece for Australian landscapes. We have a range of different natural stone features available, from the 94cm tall Fractured Basalt Column to the Natural Mongolian Basalt Columns 3-Pack. All of our fountains can be shipped Australia-wide, so if you’re interested in water features in Brisbane, check out our designs!

4. Landscape Fountain Kits

A landscape fountain kit is a great starter pack for those who want to setup a water feature in their garden for the first time. They’re also ideal for those who are looking for a simple and straightforward way to get all the items needed for installing a feature. We have a wide range of landscape fountain kits available, including our Small Stacked Slate Sphere Kit, Mongolian Basal Columns Set of 3 Landscape Fountain Kit, and our Medium Rippled Urn Fountain Kit

5. Patio Ponds

Don’t have much space to work with, but still want a stunning water feature? Check out our range of patio ponds. We have patio pond water features available in a range of different sizes and colours, giving you plenty of choice for your garden’s aesthetic. Patio ponds are built for small spaces such as balconies and patios. From our 102cm Patio Pond Desert Granite bowl to the all-inclusive Aquatic Patio Pond Kit With Pump, our range provides plenty of choice for those after a pond for their smaller space. 

6. AquaGarden Mini Pond Kit

Looking for cheap water features in Brisbane? Our AquaGarden Mini Pond Kit is ideal for those after a small and affordable water feature that can be placed indoors. At just 25cm tall, it’s ideal for a work desk, bench, or even the kitchen table! The AquaGarden Mini Pond Kit comes with decorative gravel, clay media, waterfall LED light, and pump, and can be placed on a desk for a stunning, moving water feature. Add your favourite water plants to the kit for some greenery to complete the look. 

7. Fire Fountains

If you love the contrasting look of fire and water, then you might be interested in an Aquascape Australia fire fountain. Fire fountains offer an intriguing and mesmerising feature for patios and gardens, and are sure to wow your family and guests. We stock a Fire Fountain 28” With Pump and a Fire Fountain 32” With Pump, plus our urn water features can also be turned into fire fountains with an added attachment (sold separately).

The Best Cheap Water Features in Brisbane

Aquascape Australia have a large range of water features available. We provide Australia-wide shipping, and can deliver our products across the country. Want help transforming your garden or patio into an idyllic oasis? Contact Aquascape Australia for advice from expert pond designers and builders, and a wide range of pond equipment. 

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