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The World of Water Lilies

The World of Water Lilies

Water Lilies are fabulous flowers adored in ponds and lakes all around the globe. You'll find two main types: hardy and tropical. Hardy water lilies are like perennial champs, braving even winter in gardening zones as low as 4 or 5 degrees celsius. Tropical water lilies, on the other hand, prefer the warmth of tropical temperatures all year long. Most waterlilies show off their beauty during the day, but there’s also some extra special night-blooming tropical varieties that will truly amaze you.

Say Hello to Hardy Water Lilies

Hardy water lilies are a sight to behold with their floating flowers and leaves. These beauties bloom during the day and come in a variety of colours including red, pink, yellow, peach and white. There are even changeable varieties that start off yellow and then gradually transform into a peachy or light rose shade over a few days!

Choosing Your Perfect Waterlily

First things first, decide on the size you want. Do you fancy a small, medium, or large waterlily? This refers not only to the size of the leaves and flowers but also to how much space they'll take up in your pond. If you need advice, just use the chat function on our website or come in store to The Pond Shop in Yandina to chat with the team about tips on specific varieties that'll suit your climate.

Tropical Water Lilies: The Exotic Beauties

These tropical water lilies are like the rockstars of the water garden—they can't handle the chilly winters down the south of Australia. Think of them as the annuals that bring dazzling beauty to your water garden all summer long and into early Autumn. Now, you might wonder, why go for these lilies if they won't stick around for more than a year? Well, they've got some pretty cool features:

Tropicals come in all the vibrant colours you find in hardy water lilies, and they bring some rare hues to the party too—think blues, purples, and violets! The fragrance of tropical waterlilies is simply divine, spreading its delightful aroma all around. Unlike their floating counterparts, tropical water lilies rise above the water by six to twelve inches and with larger blooms compared to hardy varieties, these lilies make a bold statement.

Guess what? Some tropical water lilies are night owls! They bloom from late afternoon to mid-morning, making them a perfect choice for those who work during the day. To keep a constant splash of colour in your pond, consider adding both day and night-blooming water lilies.

Don't worry if you have a smaller pond—tropicals will fit right in, but they can also handle the bigger ponds. Their leaves are quite fascinating too—some are speckled with streaks of purple, have deeply toothed edges, and sport prominent veins on their undersides. When it comes to blooming, tropical water lilies go all out, showing off their flowers in abundance.

Easygoing and Low Maintenance

Caring for waterlilies, whether hardy or tropical, is a breeze if you keep a few things in mind. First, these plants have healthy appetites and thrive on regular fertilising throughout the season. Grab some pond plant-specific fertiliser and follow the package instructions to keep your water lilies looking their best.

Also, waterlilies prefer calm waters and don't appreciate the splashing from fountains or waterfalls. Give them a little space, and they'll thank you with their bloom. Oh, and don't forget to protect their roots from your finned friends—cover the soil with 3-5 cm of river rocks to discourage any curious fish from dislodging them. And be sure to keep your fish well-fed, so they won't mistake the waterlilies for a tasty treat.

Lastly, to keep your water lilies in top shape, trim away any dying leaves and faded blooms. This prevents unnecessary nutrients from decaying leaves from affecting your pond water. Plus, by removing faded flowers, you'll help the plant focus its energy on producing new blooms.

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