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Pond Builders Bible

Changing the way the world builds ponds. That’s our goal and why we published a book chronicling everything we’ve learned about constructing ponds.

The Pond Builder’s Bible is your go-to book for all things pond building! You’ll learn how to design and construct low-maintenance, naturally-balanced ponds using our highly acclaimed 20-step, 20-product system. Includes tips and tricks from the pros who have been installing ponds for decades!


The Pond Guy Welcome's You
Foreword (PDF)


How to use the Pond Builders Bible
Introduction (PDF)

Chapter 1

The Historical and Philosophical Roots of Pond Building
Chapter 1 (PDF)

Chapter 2

Understanding Pond Ecology
Chapter 2 (PDF)

Chapter 3

The ABC's of Aquatic Plants
Chapter 3 (PDF)

Chapter 4

Understanding the Hobby of Keeping Fish
Chapter 4 (PDF)

Chapter 5

Filtering Through Pond Filtration
Chapter 5 (PDF)

Chapter 6

Liner and Underlayment: The Foundation of the Pond
Chapter 6 (PDF)

Chapter 7

Pumps and Electrical
Chapter 7 (PDF)

Chapter 8

Pond Building and Plumbing
Chapter 8 (PDF)

Chapter 9

Designing Water Features
Chapter 9 (PDF)

Chapter 10

Pond Excavation
Chapter 10 (PDF)

Chapter 11

Rocks and Gravel
Chapter 11 (PDF)

Chapter 12

Creating Naturally Beautiful Waterfalls and Streams
Chapter 12 (PDF)

Chapter 13

Creative Edge Treatment
Chapter 13 (PDF)

Chapter 14

The Pondless® Waterfall
Chapter 14 (PDF)

Chapter 15

Small Ponds, Big Profits
Chapter 15 (PDF)

Chapter 16

Taking on Large Scale Projects
Chapter 16 (PDF)

Chapter 17

The Critical Role of Constructed Wetlands
Chapter 17 (PDF)

Chapter 18

Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Chapter 18 (PDF)

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