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Pond Maintenance

Your water feature deserves the best maintenance and care, so why not hire the best in the industry? Get in touch to schedule a pond maintenance, cleaning, or repair consultation with a trained and knowledgeable Certified Aquascape Contractor.




A knowledgeable pond contractor can create the proper maintenance schedule for your pond, waterfall, or fountain. Most Certified Aquascape Contractors offer convenient maintenance packages so that you can keep your water feature looking its best all year round!


On occasion, your waterfall or pond might need a deep clean that goes beyond general maintenance. A Certified Aquascape Contractor can assess the status of your water feature and let you know if a full clean is in order.


If a pond or waterfall is poorly installed, you might experience a host of problems that keep you from truly enjoying your water feature. Our services range from finding and fixing a leak, to rebuilding a problematic water feature.

Maintenance Tips

An important step once the pond is built is to ensure you thoroughly clean the dirt and sediment from the rocks and pebbles and remove all dirty water before filling. This may take several rinses to complete. Rapid Clear Flocculant is recommended once cleaned and the system is turned on to help clear any finer dirt particles, and using the Rapid Clear Fine Filter Pads in your Skimmer will greatly assist in the first few weeks.  

When starting up an ecosystem pond we recommend adding a full dose of bacteria to seed the filter system with either Clean for Ponds or Maintain for Ponds. After this, continue with regular doses of Maintain for Ponds using either the Automatic Dosing System for ponds up to 12,000 litres or for larger ponds, by adding small amounts from the pump bottles every few days. 

For Pondless systems, use regular doses of Prevent for Fountains either through the Automatic Dosing System or the pump bottles.  

Don’t forget to add plants to your pond or Pondless system. Plants play a vital role in your pond’s ecosystem. As the aquatic plants start to grow, they will absorb the nutrients in the water. This means they will naturally start to out-compete the algae for the nutrients, reducing algal blooms. You will notice the water becoming clearer as your plants grow and algae is reduced. Another benefit that plants provide, particularly water lilies, is that they shade the surface of the water, keeping it cool while cutting down on the growth of string algae and green water. 

An ecosystem pond can take up to 12 months to balance itself, so you can expect to see algae issues in those first 12 months, with string algae being the main challenge for new pond owners. Depending on the severity of the algae, you can either let it go through its cycle and manually remove as much as possible, or treat the pond with Clear for Ponds or SAB Stream & Pond Cleaner to eliminate the algae from the system. 

Why Water Treatments?

We stock a range of pond treatment products to help you get your pond started.Adding water treatments on a regular basis keeps your pond clean and healthy, and Aquascape Australia’s line ofpond treatment productsmakes the task easy and manageable. While many water treatments are only used as needed, we recommend a few products that should be used regularly throughout the season. These include the following:

pond treatment products


The Automatic Dosing System 

The Aquascape Automatic Dosing System for ponds or fountains automatically adds water treatments to your water feature, eliminating the guesswork and routine of having to add them manually. In order to maintain optimum water quality, water treatments should be added consistently on a regular basis. The Aquascape Automatic Dosing System accurately and consistently applies your choice of specially-formulated Aquascape water treatments, providing ideal water conditions. A choice of treatments provides pond owners with options for a wide variety of pond issues. The fully-programmable control panel is easy to use and allows the system to be adjusted to precisely suit the size of your pond, automatically adding the correct amount of treatment to your feature.

Seasonal Tips

Even though ecosystem ponds are extremely low maintenance, there are  certain steps you can take throughout the year to ensure a healthy pond. With each season comes environmental changes such as debris load, temperature and precipitation. Follow these steps to optimise your pond for each season and provide ideal water conditions in the spring, summer, autumn and winter. 



Spring is an important time to get your pond ready for the entire year. Aside from emptying the debris from your Skimmer regularly, you should take proper steps to establish the biological process in your pond. As water temperatures become warmer, you can start increasing the treatment of Maintain for Ponds or Clean for Ponds to your water feature. This helps ease your system into the season, promoting optimal water quality.  

Pond clean-outs are optional for pond owners, and will depend on many factors. Some pond owners choose to perform a pond clean-out at the beginning of the spring season by draining the feature, power washing, removing debris, cleaning filters and re-filling. When doing this, you will want to detoxify the new water as mentioned in the water treatment section of the Pond Owner’s Manual. If you decide to go ahead with a spring clean-out, you can either hire a professional or do it yourself. Performing these steps helps maximise water conditions throughout the remaining seasons. Spring is also the time to repot your aquatic and new plants. 



Summer is likely the season when you will spend the majority of time with your pond; fortunately, summer maintenance is minimal. We recommend emptying your Skimmer net or basket as necessary. Pulling excess organic debris from the pond will also help to keep your pond clean throughout the summer. Supplement your pond with water treatments to support the biological balance of your pond. Depending on your location, hot summer days can increase the rate of evaporation of pond water. Eventually, you may need to top off the pond with fresh water. Again, make sure you detoxify the new water as mentioned in the water treatment section of the Pond Owner’s Manual. This makes the new water safe for your fish and plants. If you do not have an automatic top up valve, then we recommend adding aCompact Fill Valve, installed into the Skimmer or Waterfall Pump Vault, then connected to a water supply, for automatic water top ups. 



Autumn brings the changing of leaves, and eventually the falling of leaves. Excess debris like fallen leaves and sticks can lead to issues with water clarity and quality. In areas where high levels of debris are common, we recommend temporarily covering the surface of your pond with Aquascape Protective Pond Netting. This prevents large amounts of debris from ever reaching the pond. As the temperature drops, you should reduce the amount of food and how often you feed your fish and start helping to ease your fish into the cooler weather ahead. To prepare for winter, consider trimming back any water lilies in your pond. Eliminating this growth before it dies off will decrease the amount of debris you will need to clean in winter or spring. Completing these autumn maintenance steps will keep your pond looking beautiful!


Winter brings very little maintenance. Ensure that you reduce feeding your fish in the cooler climates, continue to check your Skimmer, and maintain regular treatment of Maintain for Ponds. 

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