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Recreation Ponds

Aquascape Supplies Australia have seen a rise in popularity of Recreation Ponds across Australia over the last few years, with many happy customers now enjoying their own piece of paradise in their yards and enquiries continue to flood in. Imagine swimming and snorkelling amongst the fish and plants in your own billabong during summer and still being able to enjoy the pond as part of your garden in the cooler months.  

The non-structural Recreation Ponds

The non-structural Recreation Ponds

The non-structural Recreation Ponds are built into the ground by terracing the earth to create your pond’s shape and depth, prior to placing the geotextile underlay and Firestone EPDM rubber liner membrane. Once in place the liner is then covered with rock and pebble to create a natural appearance. Each design is unique and can incorporate features such as beach areas, diving rocks, bench seats and decorative spill bowls, all dependent on the size of the area and your budget. 

pond lining solutions 
Natural Ecosystem

Natural Ecosystem

An Aquascape Recreational Pond is designed as a natural Ecosystem to work with mother nature to provide crystal clear water, utilising an Aquascape Wetland Filtration System. A wetland works just like a biological filter, by creating an area in your pond thick with naturally-filtering plants, as well as rocks and gravel, which provide a surface for bacterial colonisation … nature’s perfect filters. So a wetland, while naturally beautiful and pleasing to the eye, is a great filtration method, and will help keep your water looking crystal clear.  

Enjoy the many benefits of a Recreation Pond:
- Chlorine free, crystal clear, fresh water
- Year round enjoyment
- Low maintenance, low running costs 
- Supports local wildlife
- Your own outdoor snorkelling aquarium 
- Helps cool and fireproof your home 
- Perennial aquatic garden

Wetland Filtration System
Large Projects, Expertly Handled

Large Projects, Expertly Handled

Aquascape Supplies is experienced in specifying for large pond projects such as Recreation Ponds, lakes and other water features including civil and council projects. Along with the technical support for pond lining solutions with Firestone EPDM membranes, we can assist with pumping, water garden design and filtration systems for any sized project and have the associated professional Contractors to assist you on the ground throughout Australia. 


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