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Easy Tips for a Happy Water Garden

Easy Tips for a Happy Water Garden

As a lucky pond owner, you know that having a water feature in your yard takes your outdoor experience to the next level. To make the most of your water garden, it's important to create a healthy pond environment for your finned friends and leafy companions. When your pond becomes a harmonious ecosystem, you'll spend less time on maintenance and more time marvelling at your crystal-clear water and graceful fish.

The secret lies in understanding how your pond works. Don't worry—we've got you covered with a handy checklist to help you transform your pond into a low-maintenance wonderland.

First on the list: Proper Pond Filtration

Filtration is the name of the game when it comes to a healthy pond. If your water looks murky, it's time to give your filtration system some love. Start with a mechanical skimmer—a true hero in keeping your pond pristine. This handy gadget removes surface debris like leaves and sticks, preventing them from turning into a sludgy mess at the bottom.

Our Aquascape pond skimmers are equipped with a net or basket, making it a breeze to scoop up any unwanted guests that find their way into the water. And that's not all! Inside the skimmer, you'll find a filter pad that catches even the tiniest particles, giving your pond an extra layer of protection.

Next up: Teamwork with a Biological Filter

To achieve ultimate cleanliness, team up your mechanical skimmer with a biological filter. Picture this: a picturesque waterfall gently cascading into your pond. That's where our Aquascape BioFalls Filters come in. They boast filtration pads andBioBalls Biological Filter Media. The secret ingredient?Beneficial bacteria! These little helpers break down pond waste and turn it into harmless goodies for your aquatic plants.

If your existing pond doesn't have a mechanical skimmer and biological filter, don't fret! You can easily add on options like a Submersible Pond Filter, aPond Waterfall Filter, anUltraKlean Pressure Filter or a snazzyPond Filter Urn. These upgrades will give your filtration system the boost it needs.

Let's not forget about Adequate Water Circulation

Good water circulation is key to a balanced ecosystem. Make sure your pond pump is up to the task of circulating the entire volume of water in your pond at least once every hour. In our Aquascape ecosystem ponds, we've got your back with a mechanical skimmer that houses the pump. This setup keeps the pump protected from debris, allowing it to work its magic. The water then flows through the pump, heads to the biological filter, and gracefully tumbles over the waterfall, returning to the pond. And guess what? This water ballet creates oxygen, which your fish absolutely adore and need.

No mechanical skimmer? No problem! Aquascape offers pumps, such as the Aquaforce Pump, that can be placed directly into your pond. They come with a handy pre-filter cage to keep debris from clogging the motor.

Not sure which pump size is right for your pond? Chat to our team online or in-store at The Pond Shop in Yandina.

Time to talk about the Fish Pond Population

As tempting as it may be to add more fish each year, too many can upset the delicate harmony of your pond. To play it safe, we recommend no more than 10 cm of fish per 100 L of water. It's like a golden rule for happy fish and a thriving ecosystem.

If you simply can't resist expanding your finned family, consider a wetland filter. It provides extra filtration power to keep everything in check.

Overfeeding your fish leads to uneaten food decaying in the pond, and that's no fun for anyone. During Spring and Autumn, feed your fish once a day. When Summer rolls in and your fish are feeling extra energised, you can treat them to two feedings a day. But here's the trick: Only offer them what they can gobble up in two to three minutes. Choose a high-quality fish food, preferably one that floats. This way, you can easily remove any leftovers.

Let's get green with Aquatic Plants

Mother Nature's helpers are here to beautify your pond and keep it in tip-top shape. Aim to have 40% to 60% of your pond's surface covered or shaded by aquatic plants. Water lilies are great for this. Their luscious pads create shade and a secret hiding spot for your fish, shielding them from sneaky predators. On scorching Summer days, you'll find your fish chilling beneath these leafy canopies.

Don't forget about marginal plants! These lovely greens thrive at the pond's edges, adding a pop of colour and soaking up excess nutrients that algae feed off. And let's not overlook

floating plants either, like water lettuce in the southern states — they're also masters at nutrient absorption.

It's time to tidy up!

Remove fading flowers and leaves from your aquatic plants before they turn into a slimy mess in your pond. Keep an eye out for floating debris along the pond's edges too, it's best to clear them away before they sink and cause trouble at the bottom.

Water Temperature: Keep It Cool

Water loses its ability to hold sufficient oxygen when temperatures soar above 30 degrees celsius. And guess who needs that oxygen to stay happy and healthy? Your fish, of course! If you spot your finned pals gasping for air at the surface, it's time to step in with some extra oxygen. An aerator will do the trick, infusing your pond with the life-giving element for your fish.

Meet the Beneficial Bacteria

Get ready for some good bacteria vibes! Introducing Beneficial Bacteria—they work tirelessly to reduce fish waste, organic matter, sludge, and excess nutrients in your pond. You can apply this magical treatment manually or opt for theAutomatic Dosing System for Ponds, which takes care of the job for you. It's like having a personal cleaning crew for your pond!

Now that you've unlocked our not-so-secret tips for a clean and clear pond, it's time to kick back, relax, and bask in the glory of your low-maintenance paradise. Cheers to Living the Aquascape Lifestyle!

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