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Waterfall Spillway

The Aquascape Waterfall Spillway is a cost-effective solution to create the starting point of a beautiful waterfall and stream. Use it to create a smooth, consistent, leak-free water flow. Pair multiple Waterfall Spillways together to design larger, more complex waterfall configurations. The Waterfall Spillway can also be built behind hardscape walls to provide a more formal waterfall design. 

The durable design makes it easy to disguise by allowing soil, rocks, or logs to be placed directly on top of the unit. It is an excellent choice for designing additional waterfalls and streams onto new or existing ponds that already have a biological filter, or starting waterfalls on Pondless® Waterfall systems, where, due to the absence of fish, biological filters aren't necessary.


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    Waterfall Spillway

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    The Waterfall Spillway is ideal for creating a variety of different water features. This product can make for a fantastic addition to your garden o...

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Features of Waterfall Spillway


Durable Design

Durable design allows boulders, logs, or other creative landscape material to be set directly on top, helping to camouflage the spillway into the surrounding landscape.


Watertight Connection

Watertight connection using the fitting on the back.


Wide Opening

Wide spillway opening handles high flow rates.


Internal Barriers

Internal barriers provide a smooth-flowing waterfall.

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