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Cracking the Code for an Effortless, Fun-Filled Pond

Cracking the Code for an Effortless, Fun-Filled Pond

Who doesn't love a low maintenance pond? It's like having a personal paradise in your backyard—where shimmering fish dance through crystal-clear water, and waterlilies create a picture-perfect scene. Add the gentle melody of a babbling waterfall, and voila! Your dream backyard oasis is complete.

Now, here's the secret recipe to achieving a stress-free, low maintenance pond that keeps your fish and plants happy. Don't worry, it's easier than you think!

Be Filtration-Savvy

You know what they say—filtration is the bee's knees when it comes to pond water quality. So, make sure you have a biological filter and amechanical skimmer in place. The biological filter, placed at the start of your waterfall, adds a splash of oxygen to your pond and gives beneficial bacteria a cosy home. These bacteria keep pesky algae in check, maintaining the perfect balance.

Meanwhile, the mechanical skimmer is like a superhero, swooping in to remove debris from the water's surface. Leaves, twigs, and other unwanted guests don't stand a chance against the skimmer basket. It's a piece of cake to clean too!

TOP TIP: remember to position the biological filter and skimmer at opposite ends of the pond.

Go with the Flow

Imagine having a pump that's just the right fit for your pond and waterfall. The pump should circulate the water once per hour, giving it a refreshing boost. Keep in mind your pond size and the height of your waterfall when choosing a pump. Our expert team online and in-store at The Pond Shop in Yandina are here to save the day and make the decision a breeze.

Rocks and Gravel Rock!

We're all about an ecosystem approach, and that means adding rocks and gravel to your pond. And, it's not just for show. These rocks and gravel provide a cosy habitat for beneficial bacteria to thrive. Plus, your fish will happily munch on these bacteria, like having a tasty snack. As long as you have a proper pump and filtration system in place, your gravel won't turn into a mess.

Friends with Fins

Fish are the life of the party in your pond! They're not just for show—they actually play an important role in the whole ecosystem. They feed on algae, keeping it under control, and their waste acts as fertiliser for your pond plants. But hey, don't invite too many fish to the party. Keep it to no more than 10cm of fish per 100 L of water. That way, there is no overcrowding.

Power Up with Plants

Plants are the superheroes of your pond's ecosystem. They filter out the bad stuff and give algae a run for its money. When the summer heat kicks in, make sure to cover at least 40% of your pond's surface area with plants.Waterlilies,marginals like the Bacopa Monniera, or floating plants such as water lettuce which are legal in the southern states are your go-tos for this mission.

So there you have it—the secret sauce to a hassle-free, joy-filled pond experience. Get ready to kick back, relax, and enjoy the wonders of your low maintenance pond.

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