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QUIZ: What Type of Pond Owner Are You?

QUIZ: What Type of Pond Owner Are You?

Calling all pond enthusiasts! Are you ready to discover your true pond owner identity? Take this fun quiz to uncover what type of water gardening aficionado you are.

When you think about adding a new feature to your pond, what comes to mind?

a. Choosing the perfect fish to join your finned family is at the top of your list.

b. You're torn between selecting beautiful plants or adding architectural elements.

c. It's a no-brainer—you're excited about an IonGen electronic water clarifier.

d. You daydream about where to install underwater lighting to extend the enjoyable hours of your water garden.

When you have a few hours of leisure time, you prefer to:

a. Snap stunning photos of your fish and treat them to a delicious meal.

b. Visit The Pond Shop in Yandina to discover the latest arrivals in water lilies, likely bringing home a new plant or two.

c. Put on your swimmers and dive into the pond, removing excess debris for a clean environment.

d. Grab your favourite book, sit by the pond, and unwind with a cuppa in hand.

While entertaining dinner guests by the pond, you enjoy discussing:

a. Introducing each fish by name and sharing interesting facts about different fish varieties.

b. Educating everyone on the distinction between hardy and tropical water lilies.

c. Explaining the significance of fish and plants in maintaining a healthy backyard pond.

d. Reminiscing about your guests' recent trip to Hawaii while proudly highlighting your backyard oasis.

If your pond water turns green or tea-coloured, your immediate action would be to:

a. Contact a fish vet to ensure your fish are in good health.

b. Purchase additional floating plants to conceal the green water.

c. Seek guidance from a local water gardening expert for the proper water treatments.

d. Arrange for a Certified Aquascape Contractor to perform a thorough clean-out while you enjoy your day.

If you mostly answered a's: You're a bona fide fish aficionado! Your love for your fish knows no bounds. You've given each one a name and cherish the memories of adding them to your pond. While your enthusiasm is commendable, be cautious not to overstock your pond and create an overcrowded environment for your finned friends.

If you mostly answered b's: You put the "garden" in water gardening! Pond plants are your true passion, and they hold a special place in your heart. You eagerly anticipate the arrival of new waterlilies and believe that you can never have too many aquatic plants. Just remember to maintain a balanced ecosystem and avoid overwhelming your pond with an abundance of plants.

If you mostly answered c's: You're all about the balanced ecosystem! You take pride in the crystal-clear water of your pond and possess an extensive knowledge of the nitrogen cycle and the importance of rocks and gravel. Your water garden serves as an outdoor classroom for your entire family, and you embrace hands-on maintenance. You're truly dedicated to the Aquascape lifestyle.

If you mostly answered d's: You're an expert at Living the Aquascape Lifestyle! Your pond brings immense joy and enriches your quality of life. You fully embrace the benefits of owning a water feature and enjoy sharing them with friends and family. You prefer leaving the maintenance tasks to professionals, allowing you more time to savour the pond lifestyle and indulge in its wonders.

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