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5 Hacks for Amazing Water Lilies

5 Hacks for Amazing Water Lilies

Follow these five easy tricks to grow stunning water lilies that'll make your pond the star of the show!

  1. Get a good fertiliser - you've got choices: go for the yearly feast at the season start or treat them regularly with fertiliser tabs. Remember to keep them well-fed for the most breathtaking blooms.
  2. Sunshine - aim for a solid six hours or more. Those lily pads might enjoy the shade, but to achieve a vibrant flower, they need direct sunlight. Some lilies tolerate a bit less sun, but six hours is generally a good amount of time.
  3. Space to breathe - opt for a roomy pot, specifically designed for water lilies. We have a range of Aquatic Lily Pots on our website.
  4. You need aquatic potting soil or a heavy soil - lay down a 3cm layer in your big planter. If you're using yearly fertiliser, sprinkle it on this soil bed. Add another layer of aquatic soil, then bury your lily on top. Fill up the sides with pond plant soil. If you're using tab-type fertiliser, add them now. Finish with river rocks on top to keep everything tidy.
  5. Check the plant tag for the right depth – usually at the pond bottom if it's around two feet deep. If you’ve got a plant shelf, that works too.

That's it! By following these simple steps, you can expect to see some beautiful water lilies in your pond! 

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