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Proudly Australian family-owned and operated business
Proudly Australian family-owned and operated business

Pondless Snorkel Vault & Cap

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The Pondless Snorkel Vault & Cap is designed for assisting with a number of common issues that can be experienced by large-scale water features. Their modular design gives builders and designers flexibility to expand the system where needed.

While a high-quality pond filter is vital for the health of a pond, this Pondless Snorkel Vault & Cap is fantastic for those times when you need to increase filtration. This may occur if you have a well-planted wetland, or require a large bacteria surface area.

A wetland can be installed in a variety of formats, including as a circular pool that is attached to the pond through a stream or multiple waterfalls, or along the edge of a body of water. Wetlands can be incorporated into ponds as small as 5m x 6m.


Sometimes a wetland or pond filter might need a little extra help. The Pondless Snorkel Vault & Cap is designed to easily clean wetland filtration systems. This Vault can also reduce the need for costly dredging. To clean your wetland filtration system, simply lower a pump into the Vault.

This product comes with four optional ports for the Aquascape Large Centipede Module attachment (sold separately), allowing for installation in a wide range of applications. Easily place your Vault into an existing pond and reap the benefits. The cap means it can be concealed so that it doesn’t take away from the aesthetic of your water feature.

Benefits of the Pondless Snorkel Vault & Cap:

  • Easy to retrofit into existing ponds
  • Segmented design, allowing for simple size reduction if required
  • Removable lid
  • Easily disguised within a pond
  • Wide access for easy installation of cleanout pump
  • Heavy-duty and rotationally-molded
  • Great for removing excess pond sediment
  • Removes chemicals, toxic metals, and hydrocarbons that can be flushed into the system from stormwater

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