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DIY Backyard Pond Kits

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Size: 1.2m x 1.8m
The Aquascape DIY Backyard Pond Kit is a comprehensive solution for creating a stunning ecosystem pond effortlessly. The kit eliminates the need for separate purchases and complex calculations, providing all essentials in one package. It features a skimmer and BioFalls® filter for efficient mechanical and biological filtration. Plus, an energy-saving EcoWave® pond pump ensures optimal water circulation.

All DIY Backyard Pond Kits include:

  • Non-Woven Geotextile Underlayment
  • Elevate EPDM Liner
  • Installation Kit: Silicone Sealant, Pond & Waterfall Foam Sealant, Fittings
  • Signature Series 200 Pond Skimmer
  • Signature Series 1000 BioFalls Filter and BioBalls Biological Filter Media
  • 40mm x 6.6m of Kink-Free Pipe
  • EcoWave 8000LPH Pond Pump

  DIY Backyard
Pond Kits
Model Number(s) 83005 | 83006 | 83007
Skimmer Signature Series 200 Pond Skimmer
BioFalls Signature Series 1000 BioFalls
BioFalls Rock Tray
BioBalls Filter Media
Pump* EcoWave 2000
Pond Powerhead
Faux Driftwood 30"
Pipe Kink-Free 1.5 in x 25 ft
Liner Material 45 mil EPDM (Fish Safe)
Liner Size*

3.05m x 3m
(Kit #83005)

3.05m x 3.65m
(Kit #83006)

3.65m x 4.88m
(Kit #83007)

Finished Pond Size*

1.2m x 1.8m x 0.6m
(Kit #83005)

1.8m x 2.4m x 0.6m
(Kit #83006)

2.4m x 3.3m x 0.6m
(Kit #83007)
(LxWxMax Depth)


(Kit #83005)

(Kit #83006)

(Kit #83007)

Automatic Dosing System
App/WIFI Connected
Installation Kit
Packaged Weight

(Kit #83005)

(Kit #83006)

(Kit #83007)

Packaged Dimensions 86cm x 56cm x 58cm (LxWxH)

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