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What Pond Liner Should You Use for Your DIY Pond?

What Pond Liner Should You Use for Your DIY Pond?

Building a pond can be a great DIY project that the whole family can help with. From choosing the shape and style, to the location, to the plants you wish to have in and around your water feature, building your own pond comes with lots of exciting decisions.

It’s also important to ensure decisions for pond maintenance and safety are made. This includes choosing a suitable pond liner to keep the water in.

Aquascape is a proud supplier of Firestone pond and dam liners. In this article, we take a look at some of the Firestone EPDM pond liners available from Aquascape, their benefits, and the range of pond liner accessories we have in stock for your DIY project.

Firestone Pondgard & Geogard EPDM

Choosing a quality pond liner is critical when creating your DIY garden pond or water feature as it forms the foundation for your pond.

Firestone EPDM pond liners are suitable for keeping water in Pondless waterfalls, dams, fountains, and other water features. This rubber pond liner has an exceptional resistance to solar UV, ozone, and oxidation, and comes backed by a 20-year guarantee.

At Aquascape, we stock both Pondgard and Geogard pond liner. Pongard is 1.02mm thick, while Geogard EPDM is slightly thicker at 1.14mm. Pondgard is available in widths from 3.05m up to 15.25m, and Geogard has widths of 7.62 to 15.25m. Both Firestone and Geogard liners come in either full 30.5m rolls, half rolls, or can be cut to size.

The Pondgard and the Georgard can easily stretch to make installation a breeze, and are safe for fish. The Pondgard and Geogard liners are flexible and can be easily moulded to any shape to make installation a breeze, and are safe for fish

Aquascape team members are trained by Firestone, and can provide advice and technical support to help you through the installation process, and with problem solving.

Pond Liner Underlayment

Before you install your pond liner, it’s important to put underlayment in place. Underlayment provides protection for your liner, helping to prevent punctures from rocks and the ground. Installing underlayment can also let the ground beneath your pond breathe.

Heavy Duty Underlayment

Our heavy duty underlayment is available in either 170gsm or 270gsm thickness. This heavy duty underlayment is constructed from high-quality polypropylene fibres that have been needle-punched to form a fibre network that is dimensionally stable. This product also wicks unwanted moisture and gas build up from underneath your pond liner. Our heavy duty underlay is available in two or four-metre wide sizing, in rolls or cut to size.

ProFab Monoweave Geotextile Underlay

At Aquascape, we stock ProFab Monoweave geotextiles for pond underlayment. This product is made of UV-stabilised polypropylene monofilament, and is particularly suited for those with poorly-graded soil, sandy soil, or soils that have a high-iron content. Along with their use as a pond underlay, the Monoweave geotextiles can also be used for leachate drains, transpiration trenches, and as the filter for behind a retaining wall.

Pond liner instalment accessories

We also stock a wide range of accessories to help you with installing your pond liner. Our accessories include quickscrubbers, sealant, bonding adhesive, rollers, crayons, and patches, plus a variety of handy kits.

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