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Best Ways to Add Pond Lights to Your Water Feature

Best Ways to Add Pond Lights to Your Water Feature

When you build a water feature in your garden, you want to make sure it’s seen. While it can be easy enough to see your feature during the day, the dark of night can mean it’s tricky to see your new garden addition. This is where pond lights come in! Pond lights are a wonderful element to incorporate into your water feature design, letting you enjoy the beauty of the space whenever you feel.

There are many different types of pond lights available, including underwater pond lights and coloured pond lights. Lights can be incorporated directly into your water feature, or placed around the outside to illuminate the area.

In this blog, we look at some of the different ways you can add pond lights to your water features.

Recreation Ponds

A great spot for swimming in the warmer months, and a beautiful ecosystem to watch when it’s cooler, recreation ponds are a fantastic feature to add to a garden. If you invest in a recreation pond, you’ll likely want to make sure it is well-lit. Some may choose to use an up-light to illuminate their feature, while others may like to install submersible pond lights to create a magical swimming space. So, what are the best underwater pond lights? Well, there are many different types you can choose from, with various applications. There are LED Colour-Changing Waterfall & Up Lights for those who want to be able to change the colours of their feature at night, or LED Garden and Pond Spotlights that gently illuminate your pond with a warm golden hue. The type of lighting you use for your recreation pond will also depend on the features within it. For example, those who also have a waterfall in their design may like to draw attention to this, while recreation ponds with a simpler design may instead like to illuminate the water or surrounding plants with bright colours.


Waterfalls are fantastic features to adorn with lights! The moving water combined with lighting can create a magical look in your garden after sunset. There are many different ways to illuminate your waterfall feature. You may like to use a spotlight to draw attention to your feature, or place an up light within the water itself to bring illumination into your space at night. Those with multiple waterfalls might enjoy placing colour-changing lights within them and creating complimentary lighting schemes. This can be particularly fun for kids, as they can choose the colour of the water feature each night. The colour-changing lights we supply can be controlled from your phone using the Aquascape App or with a remote control, allowing for wireless control. LED Landscape Lights can also be incorporated into your waterfall design. Place these around the edge of your waterfall to draw attention to your feature.


There are few things more peaceful than a freshwater stream. Whether it runs subtly alongside your house or stands as a feature piece within your garden, a stream makes for a wonderful water feature. Illuminating your stream with lighting allows it to be appreciated at all times. We stock both single warm white and colour-changing underwater pond lights, allowing you to choose the designs you like for your stream. Place underwater lights within your stream to create an ethereal glow, or create a pathway along the stream with our LED Landscape Lights. You can also use these Landscape Lights to illuminate other areas of your garden, such as the driveway or walking paths.

Decorative Water Features

Have a decorative water feature that you would like to bring a little lighting to? There are many ways you can do just that.

Urns, Spheres and Wall Fountains

These water features are perfect for gardens that are low on space. Buy the parts separately, or purchase them as part of a Landscape Fountain Kit for a simple, convenient garden sculpture and centrepiece. Incorporate an LED Fountain Accent Light into the top of the Urn of your design to draw attention to the fountain at night, or light up the space surrounding your feature. If you have seating near your fountain, consider adding subtle lighting to its design.

Patio Ponds

Draw attention to your Patio Pond at night with tasteful surrounding lights. LED Landscape Lights can be placed around your above-ground pond to brighten the space, showing off your water feature even when the sun has set.

Fire Fountains

Our Fire Fountains blend water and fire together for a uniquely captivating feature. The light from the fire in the centre provides illumination for the feature, however, if you would like to add more lighting there are a few ways you can do so. Place lighting around the base of the design, or create a pathway of LED Landscape Lights leading to your feature.

Spillway Bowl & Basin

A Spillway Bowl & Basin is a fantastic water feature. These kits come with a pump to recirculate the water, creating a continuous flow of water. Lead guests to your Spillway Bowl & Basin with an illuminated pathway, or place pond lighting around the base of the design.

Light the space around your feature

Remember, it’s not just the feature itself that you might like to add lighting to. Incorporating lights into the surrounding area can be a great way to subtly draw attention to your water feature. Lighting can be placed into built-in benches and furniture to cast light onto your water features. Overhead and hanging lighting can also be used to illuminate the feature and surrounding space. String lights can bring extra elegance and charm to your outdoor space, as can lanterns. Choosing the type of lights you wish to position within your water feature’s space can be fun and exciting!

Can I place pond lights underwater?

It will depend on the type of lighting you choose to go with. Some lights are known as submersible pond lights, which means they are waterproof and can be placed within the water of your pond, fountain or feature. It’s important to make sure you read the features and capabilities of your pond light thoroughly before making a purchase to find out whether it can be placed underwater or not.

What wattage should I go with for my pond lights?

There are several different wattages you can choose from with your pond lights. The wattage you choose will change the brightness of your lighting. 6-watt lights are brighter than 3-watt lights, which are brighter than 1-watt lights. Aquascape Australia has a variety of lights with differing wattages available. For example, we stock warm white LED Garden and Pond Spotlights that range from 1-watt through to 6-watts, and LED Colour-Changing Spotlights available in either 2-watt, 4.5-watt or 8-watt variations. Need a hand choosing the right light for your pond or water feature? Get in touch with us and we will do our best to help.

How many lights should I place into my water feature?

The number of lights you choose to place in your water feature is a largely personal decision. You may like to install many lights both within the feature and around it, or to place a single light within the design. The decision is up to you. Remember, you can always add in more lights at a later time if you like. So, if you choose to create an exclusively external or internal lighting design for your feature, you can always add to it later!

There are many different ways that you can incorporate pond lights into your water feature. Perhaps you wish to place some spotlights within the feature, highlighting special elements of the design, or maybe you want to install submersible colour-changing lighting underneath the water. Alternatively, you may want to place landscaping lights around the feature (rather than inside), to illuminate the space. Aquascape Australia have a wide range of pond lighting available, allowing you to choose the products that are right for your feature. From Colour-Changing Spotlights to elegant LED Path Lights that light up the walkway or surrounds, we have many options available for providing additional visibility for your pond or water feature.

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