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Pond Cleaning Tips: Best Treatment for Clear Pond Water

Pond Cleaning Tips: Best Treatment for Clear Pond Water

Having a pond is wonderful, but it also needs to be kept clean. Luckily, Aquascape ponds are relatively easy to maintain with a little bit of work.

Pond cleaning can include using a pond filter, skimmer, or net for manual cleaning. You might also like to use flocculant, beneficial bacteria or another pond clear water treatment to your pond

Today we cover a few tips for how to keep your pond water clear, including using manual debris removal methods and pond clear water treatment. 

Pond Issues & Cleaning Tips

There are a few different issues that may arise with your pond. Luckily, most have simple solution and preventative measures that can be put in place. Pond issues can include:

Algae Problems

The most common algae problems are green water and string algae. Fortunately, there are a few solutions for clearing algae from your pond. Some of these are:

IonGen System

An IonGen System is great for reducing unsightly sting algae without the use of chemicals. The internal microprocessor in this IonGen release copper ions from a probe to treat the water. It's simple to install and incredible energy efficient. The ionisation level can also be adjusted to your pond's size and needs.

Diatomix IV

Ideal for clearing algae blooms or water weed growth, Diatomix IV is a liquid feed that enhances the growth of 'good algae' through the use of diatoms. These diatoms feed the good algae, allowing it to out-compete the other algae and weeds. We recommend you add 15-20mL of dosage to your pond (up to 100,000L in size), once a week.

SAB Stream & Pond Cleaner

Clear string algae with the SAB Stream & Pond Cleaner. This professional-grade pond clear water treatmentcontains a combination of enzymes and concentrated beneficial bacteria. It breaks down organic debris and helps you maintain a biological balance within your pond. This cleaner also helps to reduce ammonia and nitrite within the water feature

Sludge Build Up

Water that has sludge in it looks incredibly unappealing. It can also be bad news for fish and plants within the pond. As such, it's a good idea to treat it before it gets out of hand. Methods for this sludge treatment can include:

Beneficial Bacteria

Beneficial Bacteria is a fantastic product for helping to keep your pond clear, clean, and healthy. By treating your pond with this bacteria, you can significantly reduce pond maintenance needed. Aquascape's Beneficial Bacteria is highly effective at reducing sludge, fish waste, and excess nutrients in your pond. It also includes vitamin B and marigold for maintaining fish health.

Pond Sludge Remover Packs

These packs are a useful pond clear water treatment. The water-soluble packs allow you to easily spot-treat areas that have sludge issues. They can also be used to treat areas that are hard to reach. Our Pond Sludge Remover Packs can be used to eliminate sludge from a range of different spots including gravel, rocks, and the filtration system.

Cloudy Water

Having murky or cloudy water in your pond can put you off the idea of taking a dip. There are a few treatments you can employ to remedy this issue:

Clear for Ponds

This pond clear water treatment is ideal for solving stubborn water quality issues. It contains a blend of clarifiers that clear cloudy water and reduce debris on rocks and gravel. Clear for Ponds also features a powerful phosphate binder for locking up excess nutrients that may be in your pond water. This product is also available in pouches for use in our Automatic Dosing System. The Automatic Dosing System for Ponds makes pond maintenance even easier. Simply fill it with your chosen treatment and set it to disperse the product routinely.

Too Many Leaves

Having too many leaves in the water can cause an imbalance in the carefully balanced ecosystem of your pond. If you're finding your pond is accumulating a lot of leaves, you'll want to find a solution for getting them out (and potentially keeping them out). Some solutions for this are:

Pond Netting

Pond netting is one way to ensure leaves, sticks, and other bits of debris stay out of your pond. At Aquascape Australia, we stock 4.2m x 6m Protective Pond Netting that's ideal for keeping debris out. This netting can be secured into the rocks and ground surrounding the pond with included U-shaped stakes to keep it in place. Netting also has the added benefit of keeping predators away from your pond fish, frogs, and any other little critters that swim about in the water.


A pond skimmer is a fantastic way to remove leaves from your pond. Using mechanical filtration, it removes unwanted debris from the surface of a pond, leaving it clearer. They're incredibly easy to install, and also provide a protected location for your pond pump. Just remember to clear out the intake by as often as possible to ensure the skimmer remains working at its best.

Handheld Pond Nets

Handheld pond nets are a great way to scoop leaves off the surface of your pond. Many of these can also be used to move fish when needed, providing an additional handy purpose. The downside with these is of course the fact you need to manually walk around the pond, scooping out leaves and debris, and if you leave it too long between cleans, these particles can build up. However, it is an affordable option for keeping your pond debris-free if you have the time.

Clean for Ponds

Using a powerful blend of heterotrophic bacteria, this pond clear water treatmentcan digest organic waste and sludge that's accumulated in your pond. This includes handling uneaten fish food and decomposing leaves. The pump top on Clean for Ponds bottles allows for simple pond dosing.

Want to learn more about keeping your pond clean, clear, and healthy? Check out our pond maintenance page for more tips, tricks and help.

If you don't have the time to complete pond maintenance yourself, contact a Certified Aquascape Contractor to lend a hand.

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