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Best Backyard Pond Ideas Australia

Best Backyard Pond Ideas Australia

When it comes to building a pond in your garden, there are lots of different ways to make it unique and tailored to your own personal style.

One of the most fun elements of a new water feature design can be coming up with pond ideas to incorporate. From spitters to decorative water fountains to waterfall features, there are many different pond ideas to consider when designing your perfect pond.

Pond ideas don't have to all be thought of when you're installing the pond - many can be added in later. This means you can install your pond, get to know what other elements it needs, then add them in over time.

Check out some of our pond ideas below for inspiration.

Backyard Pond Ideas

There are lots of different pond ideas you can incorporate into your water feature. This can include smaller, simpler ideas such as fountain spitters and plants, through to larger designs like waterfalls and streams.

Fountain Spitters

Our fountain spitters are a fantastic, affordable pond idea for those who want something a little bit fun to add to their water feature. At Aquascape Australia, we have a range of different spitters available from elegant designs through to funny ones. These designs include the Naughty Dog Spitter, Man in Barrel Spitter, Toucan Spitter, Dragonfly Spitter, Standing Crane Spitter, and the Adjustable Pouring Bamboo Fountain.

Spitters bring running water to a pond which helps with aeration. Not only is aeration fantastic for the health of a pond, but it can also stop mosquitoes from breeding in the water.

Toucan Spitter


If you're wanting to add a natural-looking moving water feature to your pond, why not consider a waterfall? Waterfalls can be built into ponds during the initial construction or added in as an extension afterwards. These features are another great way of adding aeration to your pond.

We have a variety of waterfall parts in our online store to help you build your waterfall. The Aquascape Australia store also has a range of waterfall kits with all the parts you need to easily build your very own waterfall.

Pondless Waterfall


Another pond idea is water feature lighting. Lighting is great for letting you enjoy your pond at any time of the day or night. From multicoloured to simple, warm lights, we have many different options of pond lighting to choose from. Place LED Path Lights around your pond to light up the surrounding areas, or position our Warm White LED Lights within your pond to light any waterfalls or other features you wish to draw attention to.

Want something a little different? We also stock Colour-Changing LED Lighting for ponds and water features. Our energy-efficient colour-changing lights can be placed around or within a pond to light up the space. Simply connect them to our Smart Control Hub and 12v transformer, and you can change the lighting colour as you wish.

Pondless Waterfall - Reach Rock Art

Decorative Water Fountains

We have a wide range of decorative water fountains that can be incorporated into your pond for an elegant and intriguing element. Our water fountains include urns, spheres, walls, spillway bowl & basin, and patio ponds.

Spillway bowls can be added to a pond to create a seamless recirculating, flow-on look for your garden. Patio ponds are wonderful for that pond-within-a-pond style, while urns and spheres make for a beautiful, cascading water feature that's super simple to install.

Our urns, spheres, and walls are lightweight, and will not fade or chip over time.

Stacked Slate Walls


Another pond idea to consider is the types of rocks you'd like to incorporate into your water feature. Rocks can be large and used as a space for perching, or smaller for decoration. When placed within a waterfall or stream, rocks can also change the direction of the water flow, transforming the feel of your pond.

Have a chat with one of our helpful Certified Aquascape Contractors (CACs) to learn more about the type of rocks to use for your pond.


Another pond idea that can be added to water features is a stream. For this, you'll generally need a little more ground space to work with. A stream is a great way to bring different areas of your garden together and can look stunning when done right.

If you're wanting to add a stream to your pond or water feature, you can either purchase one of our DIY stream kits, purchase parts separately, or call in one of our CACs to help you with the job.

Stream Water Features for Garden Ponds


The plants you choose for in and around your pond will have a big impact on the overall look of the water feature. Do you want a native plant pond? A rainforest oasis? Exotic plants? Or maybe a bit of a mix of styles?

Plants are great for adding greenery to a space, mitigating soil erosion, and providing protection for animals that stop by. They can be placed inside the pond or around the perimeter, with many people enjoying adding a combination of both to their water feature.

Best Backyard Pond Ideas Australia

Our CACs can help you choose suitable plants for your pond area. Find a contractor close to you with the helpful Find a Contractor form on our website.

Pond Ideas from Aquascape Australia

Want a little more inspiration for your new or existing pond? Take a look at the waterfall, stream, water feature, and pond ideas on our website. Here you can find photos of our water features, providing plenty of exciting ideas for your next build. This page is also a resource for details on what goes into a pond, and steps for creating your perfect water feature.

There are lots of different pond ideas you may like to introduce into your pond. From simple spitter and decorative fountain installations through to elaborate waterfall and stream builds, there are many ways to transform your pond into a uniquely relaxing space.

Browse through our website for inspiration, or get in touch with a local CAC for more information on transforming your outdoor pond. 

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