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6 Common Pond Myths Debunked!

6 Common Pond Myths Debunked!

For those considering an Aquascape pond, but worried about common myths linked to them - fear not! While flowers and patios can look nice, nothing quite compares to the calming sounds of a well-designed pond. Not only do ponds provide tranquil beauty in your garden – research has even proven that ponds reduce stress levels due to their relaxing ambience. So don’t let the myths hold you back from Living the Aquascape Lifestyle®!

Myth 1. Ponds are breeding grounds for mosquitoes

Mosquitoes breed in still, standing water and the good news is that a properly designed pond has lots of water movement. Consider incorporating fountains or running streams to turn the water over at least once per hour. And don't forget about creating homes for fish, frogs, toads - all of which can naturally eliminate pesky mosquito populations!

Myth 2. Ponds can only be 300mm deep or they need a fence

A pond can be built deeper than 300mm and does not require a fence. For the health of the ecosystem it is recommended to have a pond with a minimum depth of 600mm.

Myth 3. Maintaining a pond is constant work

Replacing your lawn with an ecosystem pond is actually the easier choice in terms of maintenance and upkeep. In addition, you will have created your own vibrant ecosystem that can be enjoyed to its fullest! To achieve a truly low maintenance pond requires a balance of five key components – filtration, circulation, plants, fish and rocks/gravel with these factors of a properly installed ecosystem pond your beautiful water feature will thrive with minimal upkeep. Taking proper care of your pond of course does require occasional maintenance, and it's much less time-consuming than tending to a traditional lawn.

Myth 4. You should never have algae in your pond

A proper proportion of algae is actually a beneficial part of the aquatic environment, and for fish that like to snack on the algae growing around the rocks in particular! It is normal to see algae blooms in new ponds as the ecosystem needs time to establish. If your pond has an abundance of algae, it's likely due to a combination of too much sunlight and nutrient-rich water and too much can lead to an unhealthy ecosystem - enter proper filtration techniques! A well-designed pond with proper filtration helps diminish the extra nutrients which causes algae growth. Additionally, planting a few more aquatic plants can also help naturally regulate algae growth as aquatic plants compete for the same food source as algae.

Myth 5. Water gardening involves a lot of hard work

For well-designed, ecosystem ponds, an occasional dose of Maintain for Ponds or Beneficial Bacteria is all it takes to keep them in healthy harmony. Make your job even easier with an Automatic Dosing System - it'll take care of the bacteria dispensation for you! In addition to keeping your pond looking pristine, check the skimmer basket regularly during summer to remove any debris. An occasional spring clean might be needed from time-to-time, but overall maintaining a water garden paradise requires much less effort than tending to flower beds - aquatic plants don’t need watering either!

Myth 6. Any contractor or landscaper can install a pond

Building a pond, and building it right are often two very different things. To ensure the successful construction of a quality pond, it's important to choose an installer who is knowledgeable and experienced in water feature design. For the best results, be sure to hire a Certified Aquascape Contractor for their expertise - and avoid the temptation of going with just any landscaper offering the cheapest bid! Making this wise decision from the start will save money long-term, as costly renovations are often required when ponds don't function properly due to inadequate design, products or installation techniques.

Now that we have debunked these myths, are you ready to transform your backyard?

We have two varieties of Pond Kits available in our online store: The Recreation Pond Kit, and our large range of Ecosystem Pond Kits. A Pond Kit can be a great way to take the guesswork out of bringing together all the right equipment and liner to produce your water feature. With our kits, all you need to think about is which plants, fish, and rocks you wish to add! Start your DIY project today or connect with a Certified Aquascape Contractor to assist you!

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