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4 Tips for a Healthy Pond in Summer

4 Tips for a Healthy Pond in Summer

Summertime means hot weather for us and our ponds! Let's make sure your pond stays healthy and thriving throughout the warmer months. We’re here to help you keep things in check so that both fish, plants, and yourself can enjoy a beautiful aquatic experience all year round!

1. Add Oxygen

Your pond fish thrive in the summer, but they need more oxygen to support their heightened activity. Consider installing a Pond Aerator or Aquaforce® Pond Pump - warm water holds less Oxygen than cold so it's a great way to give your finned friends the boost of air supply that will keep them swimming strong!

2. Feeding Fish

To ensure the health of your fish during summer, feed them in the morning and it’s important not to overfeed as excess food decays faster in warmer water and can pollute the pond. Don’t worry your fish will always have something to snack on, let nature take its course by allowing your finned friends to enjoy a snack on any algae found naturally growing on the rocks.

3. Keep It Clean

Get your feet wet! Now that the water is warm, it's time to get in there and clean up. Make sure you're removing any dying flowers or leaves before they have a chance to break down. You might even find yourself with some fishy company as their little fins start brushing against your legs!

4. Provide Shade

Pond plants will help provide natural relief from the heat in the form of shade. Consider adding some extra aquatic plants to cool down the waters and make algae control easier! You can also add a fish cave to your pond to provide a shadier spot that also serves as protection from predators.

Don't forget to take the time to appreciate your pond and enjoy its beauty and peaceful atmosphere - life's simple pleasures that are worth savouring!

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