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10 Garden Gift Ideas for Pond Lovers this Christmas

10 Garden Gift Ideas for Pond Lovers this Christmas

The holiday season is upon us again! You may find yourself racking your brain, trying to think of a gift for your water-loving friend or family member. We've put together a list of some fun present ideas - from garden and pond lights to spitters, mini ponds, and water features.

Christmas pond gifts can add something extra to a loved one's garden. They're particularly ideal for those who spend a lot of time outdoors, or who have a water feature they enjoy.

Can't think of any pond and water feature gift ideas for your pond-loving friend or family member? Here are 10 ideas to get you inspired this holiday season! These products aren't just great for Christmas either; they can be used as garden giftinspiration all throughout the year!

Mini ponds

Mini ponds are a great garden gift idea, especially if your loved one has a smaller space. Our AquaGarden Mini Pond Kit can be placed on a desk, outdoor table, or any other surface to make a beautiful centerpiece. You can add your favourite plants and even small fish to the feature. The AquaGarden Mini Pond Kit comes with an LED light to illuminate the water. These kits make the perfect gift for those who love the sound of running water, but don't have the space for a large feature.

Pond Lights

Our range of pond and landscape lighting make fantastic garden gifts for those with ponds and outdoor living spaces. From pond lights that can be placed directly within the water to illuminate the feature to path lights that provide lighting to a garden and the surrounding areas of a water feature, there are many options to choose from. Lights can help transform a space, while also allowing an area to be appreciated by owners and guests at night. We have both single colour and colour-changing pond lights available to display in and around a feature. Many of these lighting options can be easily turned on and off, scheduled, and changed using a smartphone or tablet. 


Want to give a garden gift that's a little bit fun or silly? Spitters are great for bringing more movement to a pond and can be exciting for kids to spot. We have a variety of spitter designs available, including alligators, dragonflies, and cranes. There are also silly designs such as the Naughty Dog Spitter and Crazy Legs Frog Spitter. Check out the full range of spitters we have available online!

Fish Food

Fish, of course, require nourishment to stay alive. If your loved one has a water feature with fish in it, you may like to purchase fish foodas part of a Christmas gift. Our fish food bags are available in different sizes, so you can choose the amount you wish to purchase. We also stock Koi Krunchies which are perfect for teaching fish to be fed by hand. Our Koi Krunchies are a fun gift for pond fish.

Outdoor landscape water features

Looking to make a slightly larger purchase this Christmas? Take a look at our range of outdoor landscape water features. Choose from urns, spheres, patio ponds and more. Our outdoor landscape water features are easy to install, and come with everything needed to create the design. These products are built to last, made from high-quality fiberstone that doesn't chip or fade.

Rubber Pond Liner Repair Kit

If a friend or family member has a small nick or tear in their rubber liner that's causing issues for their pond, you may like to help them out by purchasing a Rubber Pond Liner Repair Kit. This kit is easy to use and contains all the equipment needed to make a repair on a rubber pond liner. including QuickSeam patches, a patch roller, scrubber pad, primer, and disposable gloves. As an extra gift, you may also like to lend your loved one a hand with their repair project!

Aquatic Plant Pots

Our aquatic plant pots are a great garden gift idea for pond owners looking to easily grow plants within their water feature. We have a variety of different-sized pots - from small, 15cm round pots to large, 38cm x 28cm pots. Aquatic plant pots are soft and can be used to grow a range of different water plants. They're a simple way of upgrading the look of a pond or water feature with greenery.

Fire Fountains

Fire fountains are a unique and exciting water feature gift idea. These fountains combine the elements of fire and water to create a stunning, mesmerising garden feature. Fire fountains can be setup in minutes, and run with or without the fire component lit. This product is made from durable glass fibre reinforced concrete, and each fountain comes with a pump for the water movement.

Installation tools and equipment

We stock a large range of installation tools and plumbing for ponds and water features. From tools such as liner cutters to fittings, check valves, and foam sealants. Our online store also stocks pond hoses, glues, and silicones. If your loved one has been meaning to get a project done for a while but just doesn't have the parts or tools to do so, purchasing these items could help them get the job finished.

Recreation Pond Kit

For those after a larger present for their loved one, we have big water feature gift ideas such as our Recreation Pond Kit. This kit includes everything needed to build a 7m x 5m recreation pond at home, including underlay, liner, pump, filter, and a lighting package. A recreation pond is a fantastic, natural alternative to a chlorinated pool. It can be the home to native fish and plants, plus a wonderful place for cooling off in, during the summer. The kit also comes with a step-by-step installation guide to follow. Alternatively, a local Certified Aquascape Contractor can be hired to assist with or complete the project.

We hope you've enjoyed reading through this list of inspiration for pond and garden giftideas. There are lots of really lovely things you can buy for the pond lover in your life, and the above items are only the beginning! Our online store provides many different garden giftsto choose from this holiday season. Have a browse of our site for all of your Christmas pond giftneeds, and please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or queries about our products. 

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