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Waterfall Spillway 12" / 30cm

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Size: 12"/30cm

The Waterfall Spillway is ideal for creating a variety of different water features. This product can make for a fantastic addition to your garden or outdoor living space. The design is compact-yet-strong, and perfect for being placed at the start point of a waterfall. The strategically-positioned internal barriers provide a smooth following waterfall as they allow for the incoming water to be diffused. 

Our Waterfall Spillway design is strong yet compact, which allows for simple camouflaging. In fact, a range of landscape materials such as logs, boulders, gravel, and soil can be placed directly on top of the product to help it blend in. Connect the pipe from your waterfall pump to the back of your Waterfall Spillway for water management.

The Waterfall Spillway works well with a Pondless Waterfall system that - due to its absence of fish - doesn’t require a biological pond filter. The Waterfall Spillway can also be added on to a new or existing pond that already has a biological pond filter. 

A 50mm PVC slip fitting and bulkhead is included with each purchase, along with a 40mm barbed hose fitting. For larger or more complex waterfall designs, you might like to use multiple Waterfall Spillways together. At Aquascape Australia, we have two Waterfall Spillway features available. These are:

  • The 22”/56cm Waterfall Spillway
  • The 12”/30cm Waterfall Spillway

The 22”/56cm Waterfall Spillway is 45cm long, 61cm wide, and 13cm high, and can handle flows of up to 28,000 litres per hour.

The 12”/30cm Waterfall Spillway is 27cm long, 36cm wide, and 13cm high, and can handle flows of up to 15,000 litres per hour.

  • Durable design allows boulders, logs, or other creative landscape material to be set directly on top, helping to camouflage the spillway into the surrounding landscape.
  • Watertight connection using the fitting on the back.
  • Wide spillway opening handles high flow rates.
  • Internal barriers provide a smooth-flowing waterfall.


Waterfall Spillway 12"/30cm Waterfall Spillway 22"/56cm
Model Number 77023 77000
Bulkhead Port Single 50mm Single 50mm
Fittings Included 50mm PVC Slip and 40mm Barbed Hose Fitting 50mm PVC Slip and 40mm Barbed Hose Fitting
Maximum Flow Rate 15,000 LPH 28,000 LPH
Dimensions 27cm x 36cm x 13cm (LxWxH) 45cm x 61cm x 13cm (LxWxH)
Packaged Weight 2kg 4kg
Packaged Dimensions 36cm x 38cm x 14cm (LxWxH) 61cm x 43cm x 14cm (LxWxH)

As the incoming water rushes in, the water is diffused by strategically positioned internal barriers to create a smooth flow of water.

smooth flow of water 

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