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Waterfall & Rock Cleaner Professional Grade - 4.08KG

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Aquascape Waterfall & Rock Cleaner Professional Grade quickly dissolves debris from waterfalls, streams, and rocks on contact, significantly reducing pond maintenance. Simply sprinkle the treatment directly on the affected area and watch the debris disappear. This treatment will allow you to spend more time enjoying your water feature and less time maintaining it. Waterfall & Rock Cleaner is able to be used at any water temperature, making it an excellent choice for any time of year.  

Spot-treat the trouble areas on water features. Professional formula quickly dissolves debris from waterfalls and rocks.

Contractor Grade Water Treatment - 25% more concentrated

Contractor Grade Water Treatment 4.08kg container for professional use: 

  • Keeps pond water clean and clear
  • Maintains a balanced ecosystem
  • Reduces pond maintenance
  • Goes to work instantly 
  • 1 scoop treats 14-18 meters
  • 1 container treats 340 sq. meters
  • Quickly dissolves debris on contact
  • Ideal for use on waterfalls, streams, and rocks
  • Reduces pond maintenance
  • Can be used at any water temperature
  • 4.08kg container treats up to 340 sqm of surface

Owner's Manual and Instructions

Package Size 4.08kg
1 Scoop Treats 14- 18.5 Sqm.
1 Bottle/Container Treats 340sqm
Packaged Weight 4.3kg

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