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Why You Should Choose an Elevate EPDM Pond Liner - Aquascape Australia

Why You Should Choose an Elevate EPDM Pond Liner

When it comes to building a pond, choosing the right foundation is crucial. Elevate EPDM pond liners are known for their quality, versatility, and longevity, making them a trusted choice for ponds around the world. With over 100 years of experience in rubber polymer manufacturing, Elevate has earned a reputation for producing pond liners that stand the test of time.

Did you know? The first use of an Elevate EPDM pond liner was in 1973 for an irrigation lagoon in Spain, and it still hasn’t needed replacing! Elevate pond liners have become the preferred choice for many professional and hobby landscapers, thanks to their exceptional quality and service.

Key Features and Benefits of Elevate Pond Liners

1. Exceptional Longevity

Elevate EPDM pond liners are designed to last. They resist UV exposure, high temperatures, oxidation, and frost, ensuring your pond remains healthy and beautiful for decades. Backed by a 20-year guarantee for the PondGard and Geogard and a 10-year guarantee for the PondEasy, Elevate liners have been known to last over 40 years.

2. Flexibility and Elasticity

These pond liners can be cut to size and joined to suit any pond size or design. Their high elasticity (over 300%) allows them to conform to any shape, including plant shelves, waterfalls, and vertical structures, even in temperatures as low as -45°C.

3. Robustness

Elevate pond liners offer high puncture resistance and are available in thicknesses of 1.02mm and 1.14mm, providing durability and reliability.

4. Easy to Install

Installation is straightforward, as Elevate pond liners can be cut to fit specific measurements. They can also be joined using QuickSeam Tape or QuickSeam FormFlash for special detailing. No special machinery is required for installation.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Elevate EPDM pond liners are safe for fish, animals, and the environment. They don’t release harmful chemicals and adhere to high environmental standards.

6. Low Maintenance

These liners require minimal ongoing maintenance. Their design prevents microbial attacks and algae growth, making them an excellent low-maintenance option.

7. Professional Underlayment

Using proper underlayment beneath Elevate pond liners prevents punctures and allows the ground to breathe, ensuring your pond remains stable and intact.

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