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What Are the Best Big Outdoor Water Features?

What Are the Best Big Outdoor Water Features?

A large water feature can be a wonderful focal point for your garden. It can also provide a great entertaining area for guests to congregate around. There are many different big outdoor water features that you may like to consider, and we’ll cover a few of them in our blog post today!

1. A Swim Pond

A pond that you can take a dip in during the warmer months and unwind next to in the cooler months can be a fantastic large water feature to incorporate into your garden. At Aquascape Australia, we have a Recreation Pond Kit that can allow you to build a 7m x 5m swimming pond of your own. We can also refer you to a Certified Aquascape Contractor to help install the swimming pond. Fish and plants can be added to your Swim Pond for an alive and thriving ecosystem pond.


2. A Large Pond with Fish

Pond fish can be endlessly mesmerising to both children and adults, alike. You may wish to watch elegant koi fish swim about in your garden, or bring Australian-native fish to a new large pond. Goldfish may also be a good choice for a large backyard pond. When choosing fish, be sure not to crowd your pond. Choose a suitable number of fish for the space that you have and ensure they have plenty of room to comfortably swim about.

3. A Pondless Waterfalls or Stream

Those that love the peaceful sounds of running water may like to construct a running stream in their garden, complete with waterfalls and bridges. A pondless waterfall can be great for anyone after a space for reflecting and unwinding, and waterfalls and bridges make wonderful additions to this water feature. A pondless waterfall can be created large or small, and can be tailored to suit the garden space you have.

4. A Pond Surrounded by Trees

Whether you’re looking to incorporate an Ecosystem Pond or a Recreation Pond in your garden, surrounding your pond with trees can be a wonderful way to provide shade and protection to the area. There are many different trees that you may wish to plant to surround your pond, but it’s best to choose those that don’t shed flowers, seeds, or leaves too often, to save on pond cleaning times. Australian natives can be a good low-maintenance choice for our tough weather conditions.

5. Fountains & Ponds Illuminated at Night

A pond that is illuminated by lighting can be a beautifully eye-catching water feature for both night and day. We have many lighting options available for your pond, from simple LED lighting solutions through to Colour-Changing LED Lights. For added dimension and movement, consider installing a water fountain in your pond. This fountain feature can also be given lighting for amazing night time light shows. An illuminated pond and fountain can be the centrepiece of your garden, which you and your family can gather around on winter days, warm summer nights, or anytime in between!

Find the Best Large Water Features at Aquascape Supplies

Need help finding the best big outdoor water features for your backyard? Contact Aquascape Australia for expert advice and high-quality pond products, designs and installations.

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