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The Best Liner for Your Pond

The Best Liner for Your Pond

Do you want to know the industry tip to save yourself from pulling your pond apart, and starting all over again? Avoid using inferior PVC and plastic liners that are not guaranteed to last. There is a large selection of liners available, so it is important to always determine whether the liner you choose will be the best foundation for your pond. Ensure you invest in a quality Firestone EPDM liner, as they are the only recommended liner that won’t break down over time.

Firestone EPDM pond liner is a fish-safe EPDM pond liner that leads the industry in quality and reliability. Backed by an industry leading 20-year guarantee, Firestone EPDM Pondgard and Geogard pond liners are the choice of discerning pond professionals. With superior elongation and lay-flat characteristics, it installs easily with no special tools required. Firestone EPDM Liner also has exceptional resistance to solar UV, ozone and oxidation.

Firestone Pondgard & Geogard EPDM membranes are specifically designed for decorative pond applications. They are also the rubber pond liner of choice for various lining applications. These include fish ponds, swim ponds, water features, decorative ponds and pondless water features. You may also find them in water courses, waterfalls, reflection ponds, fountains and even bog gardens.

Underlayment is installed before the liner to prevent punctures from rough or rocky ground. Not only does underlayment provide protection for the liner, but it also allows the ground to breathe from underneath. Rather than the earth’s gases becoming trapped, causing gas bubbles to push the liner up into the pond, the fabric allows them to escape from underneath the liner. The underlay is also used as a protective layer over the liner when installing larger rocks.

We are Firestone's authorised Australian supplier of Pondgard & Geogard pond liner. Contact the lining experts for the right advice.

Firestone's 20-year guarantee is only available from a Firestone authorised supplier and their retailers. Aquascape Supplies are a proud supplier of pond liners and dam liners from Firestone, and these are the options we recommend.

  • Firestone Pondgard: 1.02mm - available in widths from 3.05m to 15.25m in 30.5m rolls or cut to size.
  • Firestone Geogard: 1.14mm - available in widths from 7.62m to 15.25m in 30.5m rolls or cut to size.

We also stock heavy duty pond underlayment for your liner. This has a non-slippery surface and protects the liner from rocks and other sharp objects. You will find all the materials for patching or seaming your EPDM liner in the Installation Accessories Area.

We are trained by Firestone and have practical experience in the field. This means we can advise and give quality technical support on use or problem solving and installation techniques. Browse our range of Firestone Pond Liners on our online store or contact us to discuss your options today.

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