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Spillway Bowl Installation

Spillway Bowl Installation

Hey, Dave Kelly here, member of the Aquascape pond squad and also known as The Tech Guy. Today, I'm here to show how you can create beautiful fountainscapes with Aquascape's Decorative Spillway Bowls.

Aquascape Spillway Bowls are hand-casted in GFRC. GFRC provides the appearance of a formal stone handcrafted fountain but at a fraction of the weight, making them extremely easy to install and requires no heavy machinery. Although the two styles of bowls look similar, each one is unique in how the water is designed to flow over them. The Spillway Basin is designed for water to pool up and cascade over the entire perimeter of the basin, while the Spillway Bowl directs water over an extended edge.

Both styles are large enough that they can be used as a stand-alone fountain or multiple bowls and basins can be combined in a variety of configurations to create a truly unique water feature design. Let's take a look at how easy it is to create a design that incorporates both styles of the Spillway Bowls into one fountainscape.

The first step is to select the location of the water feature and begin to excavate for the AquaBasin. The AquaBasin is an underground reservoir that stores the water, as well as houses the recirculating pump and plumbing. Water is pumped up through the Spillway Bowl and Basin and cascades back down in the reservoir. Once the digging is completed, you'll want to compact the excavated area to prevent unnecessary settling. Use gravel or screening material if needed to help create a level base.

Install the AquaBasin in position. Make sure it is level from side to side and front to back. Backfill soil around the edges to secure it into place. Set the Spillway Basin on the center the Aqua Basin to determine the position of the Spillway stands off to the side of the Aqua Basin. The stands will help raise the Spillway Bowl to the desired height. Excavate and create a stable base for the Spillway stands. Add a bed of gravel or screening material to combat and prevent any settling from occurring.

Once compacted, set the stands in their final position and make sure they are level. Connect the plumbing to the under-water pump and install into the AquaBasin. Now, connect the other end of the plumbing to the underside of the Spillway Bowl and Spillway Basin. Using a level, make any final adjustments to the Bowls. The Spillway Bowl and Basin each include a standpipe. The standpipes will prevent the Basin or Bowl from completely draining when the pump is turned off or there is a power failure.

It's now time to add water to each of the Spillway Bowls and fill the AquaBasin reservoir. Decorative gravel, character boulders and landscaping can be added as a finishing touch to the fountainscape. The Aquascape decorative line of Spillway Bowls are an easy way to add the sights and sounds of water to any landscape.

For more information on the Aquascape line of Spillway Bowls or any other Aquascape products, please visit our website at or get in touch today.

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