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Quiz: Do You Know Your Aquatic Plants?

Quiz: Do You Know Your Aquatic Plants?

Every water gardener has their favorite aquatic plants, but how well do you know the varieties available? Test your aquatic plant knowledge by taking our short quiz! See if you can identify these beauties by their photo and description. (Answers at the end.)


Aquascape Plant Quiz
Part of a large family of what are commonly called waterlily-like plants, their leaves float at the surface of the water while the roots are anchored in soil below – much like the habit of a waterlily. This plant is constantly reproducing, spreading runners out along the surface of the pond. Available in white, yellow, and orange blooms.


Aquascape Plant Quiz
This little plant is great for concealing edges and works well in shallow areas of the pond or stream. It softens the look of the pond’s edge and is easy to manage. Delightful, small yellow flowers add pops of color to your water feature.


Aquascape Plant Quiz
Truly stunning creatures in the water garden, these bloomers are often the reason why many gardeners add a pond to their landscape. These beauties are characterized by amazing flowers representing all colors in the light spectrum … red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet (including the collective white), and a number of shades in between. Available in both hardy and tropical varieties.


Aquascape Plant Quiz
Purple flowers bloom on this aromatic plant in late summer/early fall. It’s attractive to butterflies and bees and is often selected for the water garden due to its pretty foliage. It grows 2-3’ high.


 Aquascape Plant Quiz
Grown along the edges of a pond or stream, this striking plant gets its name from the appearance of its drooping flower stalks. Dark green, heart-shaped leaves grow about 5 inches long. This plant is a popular perennial that blooms from June to September.


Aquascape Plant Quiz
Fuzzy green rosettes with dangling roots float on the surface of the pond, soaking up nutrients in the water which helps to prevent excessive growth of algae. A mass of them shades the water, helping to keep pond water cool during hot summer months while providing protection for your fish from predators.


Aquascape Plant Quiz
This quirky plant lends a punch of personality to the pond and can be planted in shallow edges up to 4”. The twisted grass-type plant comes in many varieties such as “Blue Medusa” and “Unicorn.”


Aquascape Plant Quiz
This charmer’s leaves float on the surface of the pond while trailing vines spread under the water. An easy grower, this plant is great for surface coverage and algae elimination. It also provides protection for your fish from predators. Although pretty, it can be invasive.


Aquascape Plant Quiz
Only two species of this plant exist … American and Asiatic. Grown and bred for centuries, these two species have resulted in numerous hybrids that range in size and color. The flowers are gorgeous in appearance and the leaves are also quite striking. Typically grown in pots, inside or outside of the pond.

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  1. Water Snowflake
  2. Creeping Jenny
  3. Waterlilies
  4. Aquatic Mint
  5. Lizards Tail
  6. Water Lettuce
  7. Corkscrew Rush
  8. Water Clover
  9. Lotus
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