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Pretty Backyard Lighting Ideas for Your Pond, Waterfall, or Fountain

Pretty Backyard Lighting Ideas for Your Pond, Waterfall, or Fountain

When you want to enjoy your water feature as the sun begins to set, be sure to add outdoor lighting. Most people think to add landscape lighting around a deck or patio, but don’t neglect your water feature for optimal nighttime viewing! Here you’ll find pretty backyard lighting ideas for your pond, waterfall, or fountain.

Add underwater lighting to a pond and you’ll enjoy seeing your fish swim at night. It’s almost magical watching them dart in and out of the lights.

Koi Pond with Underwater Lighting

Waterfall and pond lights add an ethereal glow to your water garden, creating a memorable moment during the evening hours.

Pond and Waterfall with Night Lighting

For water feature owners, backyard lighting ideas include both pond and landscape lights. Underwater lights allow you to see fish in the evening, while garden path lights accentuate the architectural elements of terrestrial plants.

Backyard Pond Lighting

Underwater pond lights are a must for those with recreation ponds.

Aquascape Recreation Pond at Night

For a truly pretty effect add a waterfall light. You’ll find your water feature takes on a whole new look at night.

Waterfall Lights by Aquascape

This waterfall on a large farm pond is used as a backdrop for wedding photographs. Spotlights are located at several points to show the depth and beauty of the falls.

Aquascape Pond and Waterfall at McCannon Farm

Water takes on a glowing effect when spilling over rocks. It’s easy to be mesmerized by this peaceful scene.

Backyard Waterfall with Lighting at Night

Place path lights at the top of the falls, and waterfall lights behind each drop of your waterfall.

Backyard Waterfall with Lighting at Night

Remember to add small lights to a Patio Pond or container water garden. It looks equally pretty during the evening hours as it does during the day.

Patio Pond with Aquascape LED Light

A small spotlight showcases a fountain in a front or backyard.

Scalloped Fountain Urn with Night Lighting

Another great backyard lighting idea for a fountain is to incorporate a small flame. Everyone will ask how a fountain manages to maintain a pretty flame while the water is flowing.

Stacked Slate Urn Combines Water and Fire

No matter what type of water feature you have, you can enhance its beauty well into the evening hours with the addition of pond lights and garden lights.

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