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How to Install an Aquascape Mini Fountain Kit

How to Install an Aquascape Mini Fountain Kit

Scott: Hi. Scott Rhodes here. Proud member of the "Aquascape Pond Squad," also known as "The Product Guy." Today, we're gonna teach you how simple it is to install one of our Mini AquaBasin kits

Man 1: Start by opening your box kit and removing the contents within. Assemble the top of the Mini AquaBasin by interlocking the two lid components and securing them with the nuts and bolts provided in the kit. Once assembled, the lid should fit securely on top of the base. Firmly place the basin on the ground to create an outline reference for digging. Proceed to dig the area in preparation for the base of the fountain kit.

After excavation is complete, place the basin in the hole, and check if the unit is properly leveled. Once set in place, backfill around the sides of the basin with the excavated soil. Position the lid back on top of the basin, locking it firmly in place. Unravel the hose from the decorative fountain, placing it through the center portion of the lid. Connect the water pump to the open end of the hose, and position it freely at the bottom of the basin. Keep the electrical cord through the hole located in the center of the pump access panels located on either side of the basin.

Before adding the finishing touches, be sure both access panels are properly secured to the lid. To help beautify your fountain and help disguise the lid of the basin, add decorative rocks or gravel. Adding decorative mulch will help blend your Aquascape fountain into the existing landscape. Use a bucket or hose to fill the basin, and get ready to enjoy your new water feature.

Scott: See how simple that was? In less than 20 minutes, we added a new dimension to our garden using the new Mini AquaBasin kit from Aquascape.

For more information visit our website or contact us today.

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