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How to Choose a Pond Liner

How to Choose a Pond Liner

When building a recreation pond, garden pond, or Pondless stream, you’ll want to make sure you invest in a high-quality pond liner. A pond liner is the base of a pond, on top of which all other elements are added. Installing a high-quality pond liner can increase the longevity and durability of your water feature, which is great news for your garden and your wallet!

At Aquascape Australia, we stock a wide range of Firestone EPDM pond liner options. These pond liners are built tough and come with a 20-year guarantee. In fact, the first Firestone EPDM pond liner installed was for an irrigation lagoon in Spain in 1973… and it’s still going strong today!

What pond liner should I use?

Choosing the pond liner for your water feature design doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful! Aquascape Australia believes in the durability, flexibility and versatility of rubber pond liner, which is why we stock a range of Firestone Pondgard and Firestone Georgard liner sizes. These products are fish, animal, and human safe, which makes them great for use as fish pond liners.

This versatile rubber pond liner is designed for longevity, with excellent resistance to UV exposure, oxidation, high temperatures, and frost. It is also easy to install, and doesn’t release nasty chemicals into the environment.

We are an authorised Australian supplier of Firestone pond liners, and our team have been trained by Firestone to provide technical support for installation and use of your liner. The 20-year Firestone guarantee is only available when you purchase a Firestone pond liner through an authorised supplier or their retailers, which is another reason why it’s important to purchase your liner from a reputable source.

What’s the difference between Georgard and Pondgard??

Georgard and Pondgard are the two types of Firestone liner we stock. These two liner varieties differ slightly in thickness and width availability:

Firestone Pondgard

  • 1.02mm thick
  • Available in widths from 3.05m through t0 15.25m

Firestone Geogard

  • 1.14mm thick
  • Available in widths from 7.62m through to 15.25

Our Firestone liner

We stock the following different cuts of Firestone liner. Cut to size and whole rolls are available for both Geogard and Pondgard, while half rolls are only available for Pondgard.

Cut to size

For when you want a pond liner that is tailored to the specific size and shape of your water feature. This variety of liner can be good for those who wish to save money and avoid excess wasted pond liner.

Whole roll

You might like to purchase a whole roll of EPDM pond liner if you are lining a large aquaculture pond, or are creating a few smaller ponds and wish to cut the liner yourself.

Half roll

As the name suggests, a half roll of liner is half the length of a whole roll. This size can be well-suited for smaller projects. Half rolls are only available for the Pondgard liner.

How to choose a pond liner

If you feel a little unsure about which type and size of pond liner to purchase, work out how much you will need for your project and whether you wish to have a thicker or thinner liner. This might involve taking measurements of the space to gauge how much liner you will require. Sizing needs might become a factor, as Pondgard is available in smaller widths than Geogard.

Still unsure of which pond liner to choose? Get in touch with our knowledgeable team for help and advice!


When highlighting the importance of pond liner, it’s important not to overlook the need for a high-quality underlayment. Underlayment is placed underneath the pond liner to protect it from being punctured by any sharp rocks or rough ground that might be present. A good-quality underlayment can also allow the ground beneath your liner to breathe, letting gasses in the earth escape, rather than becoming trapped. Another use for underlayment is as a protective layer placed over the pond liner for when you are installing large decorative rocks.

There are many benefits to using high-quality EPDM pond liner in your decorative water feature or pond project. To find out more about these benefits, view our page on Firestone EPDM Pond Liners For Sale.

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