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How to assemble your Patio Pond

How to assemble your Patio Pond

Now anyone anywhere can have a beautiful water garden in just a matter of minutes! The Aquascape Patio Pond makes it simple to have a complete water garden in almost any setting. Creating a beautifully planted water bowl or container water garden has never been easier.

The Aquascape Patio Pond has all the natural beauty of real rock with the added durability and light weight of fibreglass. This small water garden looks great on a front porch or nestled on a backyard patio or deck.

Six easy steps are all it takes to create a beautiful, miniature ecosystem water garden!

Step One: Unpack the Aquatic Patio Pond from the box.

Step Two: Rinse the Aquatic Patio Pond with a garden hose.

Step Three: Place and fill the Aquatic Patio Pond with water. If using the garden hose, it’s best to run the hose for a few minutes to flush the hose of any stagnant water.

Step Four: Let the water sit overnight or use a water conditioner like Aquascape’s Pond Detoxifier before adding plants or fish.

Step Five: Place plants on the integrated shelf. The round portion in the middle of the bowl is ideal for a water lily.

Step Six: Add a few small fish for colour and movement. Two or three small goldfish or Murray River Rainbows are a good choice.

Then sit back, relax and enjoy!

Available in three sizes of 32” and 40” and three colours of green slate, desert granite and terra cotta. 

For all of your pond supplies and equipment, browse through our website and buy online, or contact us with any queries.

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