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How a Patio Pond or Pot Water Feature Can Transform Your Deck or Patio

How a Patio Pond or Pot Water Feature Can Transform Your Deck or Patio

Want to add a little extra style to your deck or patio? Why not consider a pot water feature or specifically a patio pond. Also sometimes called an Urn water feature or Basin water feature (depending on the shape), these designs are ideal for placing on your patio or deck for a feature or small patio pond.

Read on to find out more about choosing a pot water feature to transform your deck or patio.

Consider the Size and Style

When choosing a pot water feature for your deck or patio, consider the size that would work best for your space. If you’re working with a smaller space, naturally, you’ll be looking for a smaller pot water feature. If you have a larger space, you have more sizing options to choose from.

At Aquascape Australia, you can choose between the Urn or Basin water pot water feature styles. Our urn water features are available in a range of different sizes and finishes, allowing you to choose one that suits your aesthetic. Our Basin water features can be a standalone feature or combined with a Spillway Bowl to create a continuous flowing display.

Add Flowers for More Colour

Those who wish to add a little more colour to their deck or patio can incorporate flowers into their water feature. A range of water flowers can be added to your Basin pot water feature to create a vibrant patio pond. Flowers can also be planted around the base of an Urn pot water feature to make a stunning design. Some water-loving flowers include the Water Lily, Flag Iris, Austral Brooklime, Brisbane River Lily, and Water Plantain.

Add More Character with Ornaments

Want to bring more character to your pot water feature? Think of adding ornaments! At Aquascape Australia, we have a range of ornamental features that can be added to your patio pond or water feature. This can include underwater LED lights and waterfalls. You can personalise your pot water feature to suit the aesthetic of your patio or deck, choosing the added pieces to create a gorgeously eye-catching feature piece.

Combine Multiple Pot Water Features to Create an Oasis

If you have a larger space, then you may like to combine multiple pot water features to create an expansive, tranquil oasis on your patio or deck. Several Basin water features can be combined together with a Spillway Bowl to create a continuously circulating water system of multiple levels. Urn water features can be installed in a row, in a circle, triangle, or any other pattern to create a beautiful feature that will be the centrepiece of your outdoor entertaining area. Plants can also be added to give your oasis lush greenery.


Find the Best Pot Water Features at Aquascape Australia

At Aquascape Australia, we have a wide range of pot water features to choose from. Whether you want a Large Rippled Urn water feature, or a smaller 82cm Patio Pond, you’re sure to find a pot water feature to suit your needs in our expansive online store.

For more inspiration on creating your very own aquascape, water feature, patio pond oasis, including photographs of installed pot water features, check out our pages on Patio Ponds and Decorative Features.

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