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Feeding Fish in Autumn | Aquascape Supplies Australia

Feeding Fish in Autumn | Aquascape Supplies Australia

You’ve enjoyed watching and feeding your fish all summer, and now it’s time to help them prepare for their winter’s nap. You want to make sure your fish are strong and healthy as Old Man Winter makes his way to your pond. A well-balanced diet is critical to the health of your fish.

Feeding Fish in the Fall

When pond temperatures fall below 60-degrees, your fishes’ metabolism and digestive system begins to slow down. Investing in a pond thermometer will help you determine when to change the eating regimen of your beloved finned friends.

Make sure to choose a premium cold water fish food that has been scientifically formulated to provide quality nutrition to all pond fish. Look for the inclusion of spirulina and wheat germ helps make the food easier to digest at colder water temperatures. Feeding your fish the proper food will help ensure your fish survive their winter slumber.

When spring rolls around and you’re anxiously waiting to see your playful pond fish once again, you’ll be glad you took consideration in the fall to properly care for them.

For all of your backyard fish pond requirements and the most up to date advice from our experts, get in touch with Aquascape Supplies Australia. 

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