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Featured Contractor - Pond Works

Featured Contractor - Pond Works

Pond Works is Certified Aquascape Contractor (CAC) and is your local go to custom pond builder/pond designer. Based in Brisbane but servicing South East Queensland and beyond, We design, build, maintain & repair Ponds, Water Features, Waterfalls, Fountains, Lakes and Dams, covering all aspects of domestic and commercial application.

Stemming from a family history of Ichthyology, Mark possess’ a drive and passion in helping you live and enjoy a Water Feature Lifestyle. With in excess of 30 years of experience playing with fish, he has been involved in many varied aquaculture projects from growing and breeding everything from micro algae, plankton, hard & soft corals and more marine and freshwater fish species than he cares to name and count. Mark has an extensive biological knowledge about what goes on in your water and a thorough understanding of fish disease and recognition so you can rest assured your in good hands. If you’re thinking of creating a water feature lifestyle or your existing feature has gone sour then get in touch. We love our Job.

Contact: Mark Jones
PH: 0474 775 102


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