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Featured Contractor - Ben Harris Gardens

Featured Contractor - Ben Harris Gardens

I’ve been building natural water features in the Melbourne area for 4 years. However, my career began 10 years ago with the usual landscape construction jobs – paving, turf, planting, stone walls, but then on a trip to Mt Buffalo, I came across some stunning natural waterfalls and rockpools. I thought it would be wonderful to re-create this in my own backyard. When I discovered Waterscapes Australia and the Aquascape products I realised it really was possible!

What I find most enjoyable about building natural water features is the creativity it allows. When I visit a client's site, I often have a clear vision of the perfect water feature that would be appropriate. Transforming it from my imagination to something tangible is highly motivating. The best moment is turning on the water and watching it flow over your creation.

The clients are often amazed and watching the delight in their eyes gives me enormous satisfaction. I keep in contact with past clients and hearing their stories of how much they enjoy their water feature and interact with it is very pleasing. I love the fact I can get people out of the house and not only into the garden, but actively participating in it. Some people like the sounds, others the reflections and ripples, and many like the native animals that it attracts.

This recent project in Upwey won a couple awards in the Landscaping Victoria Industry Awards night.

The clients wanted something natural to blend in with the existing environment and to suit the newly constructed house. We built a 15m natural stream with a series of waterfalls that are oriented perfectly to capture the view from the main living area inside the house. The stream was designed to be interactive. Parts of the gravel path travel up to the water’s edge, a bridge crosses the water, and there is a stepping stone to a large sitting rock under the gum tree. The clients couldn’t be happier, especially with the frogs that have now found a new home in their stream.

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